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Transfagarasan-the road that leads to the sky

Located in Romania, the Tansfagarasan is one of the most spectacular roads in the world, with a length of 90 km and running through the Fagaras Mountains, a part of the Transylvanian Alps. The road starts in Brasov, follows the Arges River Valley and ends in Olt Valley.

The road is a real challenge for every driver, but the sharp serpentine shouldn’t stop you to try this amazing car trip. Just remember that during the winter, the road is closed because the snow blocks the traffic. But if you choose the hot season to visit this place, your trip will be great with no doubt! The road has more tunnels and viaducts than any other road in Romania, and near Balea Lake you will have the chance to pass through the longest one, that is 875 meters. So get ready for a great experience and for some breath taking panoramas!

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Top 10 most beautiful unusual cruises

We’ve all heard about or maybe even been on a cruise in the popular destinations, such as the Bahamas, Mexico, The Caribbean or Hawaii, but perhaps sometimes it is good to try something a little more unique. These 10 cruise destinations are not that often heard of, but they are definitely some of the most interesting and fascinating ones.

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Spring break in the Netherlands –  7 things to do in Amsterdam

As one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe, Amsterdam offers visitors a great variety of possible activities and places to visit. The city is an explosion of colour and cultural sights. There are so many things to visit here and you will not have the time to get bored at any point during your trip. Take a camera and a backpack and go!

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Central Park, the Real Treasure of New York

A big green oasis in the middle of Manhattan, Central Park is the most photographed and visited urban park in the United States. It is considered the biggest treasure of New York City due to its rich history, beautiful landscapes and lots of activities people can practice here.

Central Park is about 9.1 square kilometers and its design is the result of a competition in 1858 to improve and develop the park space that was there before. The site is very complex, with 36 bridges and arches, 7 bodies of water and about 25 000 trees, all of these planned and built by people. Every year, about about 37.5 million visitors come here, both for the beauty and the uniqueness of this place, but also for the relaxing environment and the dynamic activities.

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Travel by car on Great Ocean Road, Australia

The Great Ocean Road is a famous Australian route along the south-eastern coast of Australia, between Torquay and Allansford, Victoria. The road is considered a popular tourist attraction in the area, since more and more travellers choose to experience a road trip here to see the main highlights.

Travel the Great Ocean Road and enjoy one of the most scenic coastal drives. There is a diverse array of things to do and places to see, as cultural and heritage attractions, and also activities like scuba diving, surfing or kayaking.

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Aruba – 8 great things to do in the Caribbean paradise

One of the greatest places to visit in the Caribbean sea paradise, Aruba is a low altitude island country with a dry climate and arid, cactus-strewn landscape, fact that contributed immensely to the development of tourism.
The first thing you need to know about Aruba is that this amazing sunny paradise can be visited almost all year round without any trouble. The night/day temperature differences, as well as the summer/winter ones vary around 3 degrees, so plan your trip whenever it is possible. It would be a good idea to avoid November and December though, as these are the only months when there is actually a little bit of rain there. Aruba is also free of the kind of storms that usually occur in hot areas like this.

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4 Great Activities To Do In Stockholm

With a considerable number of islands and peninsulas at the outflow of Lake Malar into the Baltic Sea, Stockholm is also called “The Venice of the North” and it has a well developed tourism also because of the impressing architecture, world-class museums, galleries and theaters.

The best attractions here are the three UNESCO World Heritage sites, Birka, Woodland Cemetery and Drottningholm, but also places like the Old Town, the Royal Palace and the Royal National City Park. All of these are worth visiting, but what about visiting the city in some different ways? What about some interesting tours of the city depending on what you want to see the most? Here are some great ideas of activities for all the preferences that will make your vacation an unforgettable one.

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Best mediterranean vacations – Cyprus

As one of the most diverse tourist destination, Cyprus is a combination of Turkish and Greek culture, a bi-cultural landscape hidden in the East of the Mediterranean Sea. Spending your holidays here is definitely a very good choice, regardless of age and your definition of “fun”. The clean beaches, clear waters and the multitude activities for both adults and children make Cyprus a good destination for families. Teenagers and young adults will find a great night-life, great parties all around and a lot of fun, especially is Ayia Napa, while seniors will most likely enjoy the cuisine, the sea, the beaches and all the places that are perfect for a beautiful morning or evening walk. Cyprus is also a valid trip destination all year round, as the summers are warm and beautiful, while the winters are very gentle.
Here are a few amazing places to visit in Cyprus:

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Hawaii Islands, a Perfect Exotic Cruise

If you want an extraordinary destination for your next vacation, the options are limitless. But an exotic destination will always be a good choice, especially if you choose a cruise in Hawaii Islands. The fresh floral air and the warm waters will energize you and you will have the chance to see the most impressing panoramas. It is said there is no place like Hawaii on earth, but you have to convince yourself!

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The Thai world – Heaven on Earth

A tourist’s dream come true – this is what Thailand has been described by others that have been there. It is an incredibly diverse location that offers visitors all sorts of possibilities to enjoy a great vacation. Whether you intend to relax completely or you prefer to party until dawn, there’s a place for you in Thailand. To really enjoy the Asian paradise, the recommendation would be to go South, where the islands’ turquoise beaches and fabulous night-life will definitely impress you. Here are a few suggestions for you Thai vacation:

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5 Best Attractions in Vienna

One of the most wonderful capitals of Europe, Vienna has very well preserved architectural styles, traditions and culture imposed during Austro-Hungarian Empire. Nowadays, tourists come here to admire the beauty of the city and there are so many reasons why they come back: long rides on the streets of Vienna, through monumental buildings reflecting the imperial background of yesteryear, the concerts from Opera, the museums with classic collections of fine art, the specific cafes where they can taste the flavor of the classic Vienna.

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Best routes to travel by car in Europe

Some of us want to forget about organizing when we go on vacation, while others are not afraid of taking responsibility for everything because they prefer being independent and having a certain freedom of movement. For the latter category, travelling by car seems to be the best idea. After getting the necessary information about the legal issues of a car excursion, take a look at these route suggestions for an amazing trip:

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