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Spring break in the Netherlands –  7 things to do in Amsterdam

Spring break in the Netherlands – 7 things to do in Amsterdam

March 17, 2016

As one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe, Amsterdam offers visitors a great variety of possible activities and places to visit. The city is an explosion of colour and cultural sights. There are so many things to visit here and you will not have the time to get bored at any point during your trip. Take a camera and a backpack and go!

1. The Keukenhof park.
A number of 7 “inspirational” gardens and one historical garden, the park awaits its visitors this year starting with the 24th of March until the 16th of May. The Keukenhof theme for 2016 is “The Golden Age“, the era when Holland became rich through worldwide trade.
The park is located halfway between Amsterdam and Haga, in a little town called Lisse. It is also known as the Garden of Europe, as it is the biggest garden of flowers in the world. It covers 32 hectares and every year, a few million tulips (the symbol of The Netherlands) can be seen here.
Besides various types of tulips – more than 7 million bulbs are planted – all very colourful and attractive, the park is also home to hundreds of hyacinths, daffodils and freesias which mesmerize visitors with their scent.

2. The Royal Palace
It is one of three palaces in the Netherlands which are at the disposal of the monarch by Act of Parliament. It is located in the Dam square in the centre of Amsterdam. Its initial purpose was to serve as city hall and it was the largest building in Europe in the 17th century.
It is open for visit all year round, every day, except for Mondays. When important events for the royal house take place, visiting is not possible. On the other hand, when random other random events and receptions take place, it can be very interesting to see the most distinguished of guests arriving here at the invitation of the Queen.
The classic facade and the sculptures where created to glorify the city of Amsterdam and its governance. The interior is just as beautiful and rich in ornaments as the exterior. The view is magnificent, and you will be absorbed by the beauty of the architecture and the detailed décor.

3. The Old Church (Oude Kerk)
Located in the old neighbourhood, also called Oude Zijde (The Old Town), the church dates from the 18th century. The church was initially built for the fishing communities in Amsterdam. Is also functioned as an inn for the poor. The style of the building is Gothic. Even if it has undergone numerous changes, the church tower and a chapel that is attached to it managed to resist until today.

4. The Rijks Museum
The largest museum in the Netherlands, the Rijks Museum has over a million visitors annually and it is a milestone in the culture and history of Amsterdam. Here, you can admire an impressive collection of Dutch art, unique in this world, find out a whole lot about the Medieval times, up until 1945.

5. The Van Gogh Museum
The Van Gogh Museum host almost 200 paintings and 550 sketches portraying Van Gogh in different periods of his life. Hundreds of letters written by the famous painter to his brother, Theo, are also exhibited here.

6. The Amsterdam Tulip Museum
You cannot miss the museum that is entirely dedicated to the symbol of the Netherlands. Here you can see numerous, very interesting multimedia presentations about the history of the tulip and its cultivation. You can even buy rare tulip bulbs and many other decorative flowers.

7. A tour of the canals in Amsterdam must be on your “to do” list, and so is a night-time visit in the Red Light District. And since a trip to the Netherlands is incomplete without a visit to a windmill, you can choose between the 8 windmills located right in the centre of the town. Also, if you’re a fan of cycling, the Dutch will always be happy to invite you to discover the city in their own fashion: by bicycle.7

With so many things to do, you should plan your trip well, so you have enough time to really discover the amazing capital of the Netherlands. Check for hotels and flights on TripEconomy. Don’t forget your camera!