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Transfagarasan-the road that leads to the sky

Transfagarasan-the road that leads to the sky

March 25, 2016

Located in Romania, the Tansfagarasan is one of the most spectacular roads in the world, with a length of 90 km and running through the Fagaras Mountains, a part of the Transylvanian Alps. The road starts in Brasov, follows the Arges River Valley and ends in Olt Valley.

The road is a real challenge for every driver, but the sharp serpentine shouldn’t stop you to try this amazing car trip. Just remember that during the winter, the road is closed because the snow blocks the traffic. But if you choose the hot season to visit this place, your trip will be great with no doubt! The road has more tunnels and viaducts than any other road in Romania, and near Balea Lake you will have the chance to pass through the longest one, that is 875 meters. So get ready for a great experience and for some breath taking panoramas!

So, during your trip, stop to visit Curtea de Arges Monastery and find curtea de argesout its interesting legends. Then, the road leads you to the mountains slopes, where you can see beautiful mountains landscapes, with pines and alpine meadows. Then it comes the Arges River gorge, where huge cliffs rise up from the clear waters, creating a wonderful background.

Poenari Castle is another attraction on Transfagarasan Road. It was property of Vlad III the Impaler, whose personality was the inspiration for the the well known personage, Dracula. In the mountains, on the top of a high cliff, you can see his fortress, where you can reach by climbing the 1480 stairs. Maybe it is a big effort, but the scenic views from above are priceless.

         poenari       vidraru

On the north, the road will lead you to Vidraru Lake, a man-made reservoir retained by a 165 meters high dam. The road itself is on the dam, so it is an unique experience to pass over here. After this, the road bifurcates, and it is recommended to follow the right side of the lake because the road is easier passable.

balea lakeAs you go ahead, you will pass near Balea Waterfall, then enter the longest tunnel, that leads you to the highest point of Transfagarasan, Balea Lake. It is a glacier lake with clear, icy waters, surrounded by mountain peaks. In 2006, here it was built the first ice hotel in Europe, that can be reached only by cable car, considering that the road is closed in the winter. In this point, if the weather is good, the entire road is visible and the view is enchanting.

In the end, the views change a little, as the rocks and the meadows are replaced by dense pine forests. All these natural beauties will make you come here again, the places are both full of history and legends, but also of amazing landscapes and diversified land forms.

The Transfagarasan Road is a wonderful and unforgettable drive experience you shouldn’t miss if you come to Romania. So find the best accommodation nearby by checking the complete list of hotels in Arges on TripEconomy.