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Top 10 world’s most stunning waterfalls to visit

There is something special about the falling water that enchant everyone, even if they aren’t great nature lovers. But how not to love the nature when it gives us such amazing wonders and views?! We are talking about waterfalls, of course, and here is a our top 10 world’s most beautiful waterfalls worth to visit.

1.Iguazu Falls is located along Iguazu River, which borders Brazil and Argentina, stretching across two miles of rain-forested cliffs. The view leaves you breathless, since it consists in 275 individual waterfalls, making it one of the most precious treasures on Earth. When former first lady Eleanor Roosevelt visited Iguazu for the first time, she exclaimed: “Poor Niagara!”

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Top 5 free activities on Florida’s Gulf Coast

Maybe sometimes you think that you can’t really afford certain vacations, but you should remember that anywhere you go, there are lots of activities that you can do for free and you will still be able to enjoy the country/city/region you are visiting to the fullest. Florida’s Gulf Coast is no exception!

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Visit Scotland – A Journey of Mystery and Wonders

Scotland is a well developed tourist destination, seen as a clean unspoiled place with wonderful scenery and an interesting history and with many historic sites like castles, ruins and museums which attract visitors all year round. All these beauties are very well completed by some large beaches with azure waters, so this variety is perfect to have the journey of your lifetime in Scotland. Let’s see some of the most amazing places you shouldn’t miss there and which are the most captivating activities.

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The best European trip – 5 amazing capitals of culture

Ever since 1985, the European Union started designating an European Capital of Culture for a period of one calendar year, every year. Since 2000, the Union has been naming more than one city every year, usually two. Here’s a list of some of the most interesting cities you can visit that are still of great cultural importance and diversity to this day, even if they were capitals of culture years ago.

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Best summer vacations – the Amalfi Coast

As one of the most desired destinations for summer, the Amalfi Coast has so much to offer, from the amazing Amalfi Drive to all the beautiful and romantic locations found along the Italian oceanfront. Here is a list of “must-see” towns, cities and resorts.

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8 Cheap destinations for the end of summer

Even if summer is almost over, many people are still looking for new adventures and for cheap destinations to visit in August. After all, there is another whole month while the weather is still good, so here are eight of the best places to see in this period.

1.Cancun, Mexico is a tropical destination you should consider in this end of summer. With no doubt, it will be hot every day and warm every evening in August, but you will be able to enjoy the sea breeze along the beaches. When you are not on the beach, the opportunities are limitless: a day trip to nearby Isla Mujeres, a visit to the Xel-Ha eco-park, which boasts the largest and the most beautiful natural aquarium in the world or a short excursion to Chichen Itza, the most impressive Mayan archaeological ruins site.

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10 Fascinating things you didn’t know about Berlin

The energetic city of Berlin has become very popular among tourists due to its vibrant urban life and due to its impressive history and culture. But the capital of Germany has much more than this, so let’s not forget the other important reasons why Berlin is such a great destination: the affordability, because tourists prefer low prices, the art, for those who love visiting museums and galleries, the palaces, like Potsdam’s Schloss Sanssouci and not at least, the numerous curiosities and interesting facts about the city.

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Top 5 FREE activities in Brussels

Everyone usually rushes towards the most popular and the most visited tourist attractions and that can also mean spending quite the amount of money. Of course, these attractions are so popular and frequented for a reason, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any other great things to do on vacation, and the best part is some of them are actually free. For now, check out some of the most interesting things to see and do for free in Brussels!

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7 Wonderful Mountain Destinations in Europe

Nature gave us the mountains maybe as an inspirational source, a relaxing place to escape the urban bustle and as a perfect destination for adventure lovers, whose purpose is to climb higher and higher mountains and to reach the most imposing peaks. If you decided to try this kind of experience, here are some great ideas for you; a list with the most beautiful European mountain destinations and towns. In these places you will find so many challenging activities and things to do, but also stunning views and natural beauties, all of them making you fall in love with the mountain.

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An eccentric vacation – 7+ reasons to visit Monaco

Besides the amazing location of the country, in western Europe, on the French Riviera, with the Mediterranean Sea bordering it from one side and the perfect weather (it’s never too hot or too cold and the sea breeze is very soothing), there are so many reasons why one would want to visit Monaco, but we’ll stick to 7 main reasons that will definitely get your attention.

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Netherlands – Road trip on Flower Route

Everyone has heard about the uniqueness and the beauty of Netherlands when it comes to the colorful tulip fields that are so popular and admired by visitors. The flowers are the most enchanting in April and May, of course, when a road trip along these wonders would be memorable. So if this inspires you and you really love nature and colors, a trip by car on Flower Route, in Netherlands, is the best choice. Let’s see what is this about.

First of all, Netherlands is very diversified when it comes to flowers, so not only the tulips are the main attraction, but also the hyacinths, irises, gladioli, dahlias, lilies and the narcissi. For all these, the western Netherlands is the proper place to go.

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