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Journeys for a Lifetime: Dracula’s Transylvanian Tour

Transylvania is a region part of Romania, located in Eastern Europe. The word Transylvania became synonymous with dark forests, werewolves and Dracula the Vampire Count. For Romanians and historians, Vlad Tepes the Impaler was a fierce fighter and ruthless ruler. Despite rumors he was a “bloody” count based on his actions, he was not known as a vampire. Vlad Tepes is told to have been in league with devil, where his nickname Dracul comes from.

Vampirism is a part of local folklore that came to world’s attention with Bram Stoker novel, Dracula. His tale is based in Transylvania and invented Count Dracula, the vampire, even though the author never visited these places.

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If you get to Venice in Italy and have one day to spare, than you should know that close by, some 25 km away, there is a small town, Abano Terme. Just as the name suggests, Abano Terme is a place full of spas with natural thermal waters. It is a great way to spend a day at the spa and enjoy the benefits nature has to give you – a naturally relaxed and same time reinforced body system.

And who else would know better about the benefits of the thermal waters than Italy’s ancient inhabitants: the Romans. For those who know little about the Roman civilization, I can say that life hasn’t change that much in the last 2000 years. The few differences between nowadays and the life Romans had are from a technological advancement point of view.

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Best Price Guaranteed on Hotels worldwide

Your travel plans are important to TripEconomy, and that is why we feel you should get fair rates no matter where you want to go. With over 500,000 hotels worldwide, TripEconomy covers accommodation for most of the world. compares in real time hotel rates from top online hotel booking providers making it easy for anyone to find the best price for any hotel, saving up to 75% on accommodation. But what our users probably don’t know is that despite finding the best rate, they will also enjoy the Best Price Guarantee policy.

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What happens when the volcano ash cloud keeps your flight grounded, what happens when your flight lands or departs at unfriendly night hours, what happens when you need to change flights and you are stuck at the airport for longer period of times and you are really tired on top of that?

A hotel accommodation near the airport sounds quite good in such situations. But finding a hotel near the airport in advance or finding the best rates at airport hotels could be another type of nightmare if you don’t know where to look.

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End of 2011 sees Rihanna concerting in a European tour, in top touristic locations such as Prague or Budapest. The Budapest concert takes place at Papp Laszlo Sportarena, on December 8th, starting time 20.00.

Budapest is also a city that has many things to show to visitors, with a well preserved historic center, castles, or the Danube with its spectacular cruises. We have prepared a simple guide for all Rihanna fans traveling to Budapest for this amazing concert, showing how easy it is to find cheap hotels near the concert venue and places that are worth visiting while there.

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Journeys for a Lifetime: Pulpit Rock

Norway is the home of one of the most visited nature’s wonders of the world: the Preikestolen (also known as the Pulpit Rock or Preacher’s Pulpit). This stupefying 604 m high cliff is visited every year by around 150.000 – 200.000 visitors.

The top of the cliff is approximately 25 by 25 meters and is hosting all tourists seeking to enjoy an amazing view over the Lysefjord plateau.

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Top Surfing Destinations close to you

Waves, surfing, this is something that awakes fears for some but excitement for others. Surfing has become a lifestyle symbol for freedom and adventure. But where can someone go enjoy this fantastic sport, a destination that is close to you and not half way around the world? has prepared a list of top surfing spots that should be in easy reach for anyone. We have chosen the one destination for each continent, something that you should try before going on to another place.

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