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Top 7 perfect scuba diving sessions

Escape the crowded world and immerse yourself is a breath-taking experience that no other places can offer your. If you are born with a sense of adventure and a passion to explore, dive in and learn about the tragic history of different shipwrecks and witness marine life matched by few other places on this planet. Take a look at this list of amazing diving sites and start packing your scuba suit, you’re going on a journey for a lifetime!

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6 of the Best Sights to See in the Beautiful Nice

Nice is the fifth most populous city in France, also called Nice the Beautiful and it is located in the Côte d’Azur area, on the south-east coast of France on the Mediterranean Sea. The natural beauty of Nice and the Mediterranean climate are just a couple of reasons why this destination attracts annually so many tourists. There are also imposing and glorious buildings and other architectural attractions that enchant the visitors, and here is a top of sights you shouldn’t miss to see if you travel to Nice.

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The Himalayas: Trekking on the roof of the world

Beside the big effort required to climb the Himalayas, the region has become more and more accessible for walkers in our days. Since the ascent of Mount Everest was a success 60 years ago, tourists and explorers tried more often to trek in Himalayas to discover as many accessible roads as possible, but also to test their limits.

The best treks in this amazing region are across India, Nepal, Tibet, Burma and Pakistan. The most adventurous part is a 4000 km crescent area, between Kyrgyzstan and Burma, where there are the highest mountains and the deepest gorges, wild forests surfaces and the high plateau of Tibet.

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Canada: 11 of the Best Travel Curiosities

Canada, or the country “from sea to sea”, is a great tourist destination due to its vibrant cities like Toronto and Montreal and famous attractions: Niagara Falls, Banff National Park or the Rocky Mountains. These are just a few reasons why Canada should be on your travel destinations list, but there are also some interesting facts about this country that will enchant you. Check the list below and find out why Canada isn’t just an attractive country, but a curious and challenging one as well.

1.Quebec City is the only walled city in Canada and in the United States. This fact makes Quebec a fascinating place, since the walls surround the Old Quebec district of the city and it is included in the World Heritage Sites. There are actually four gates around the city, some of them being rebuilt or repaired and the only one that is still original is Port Kent gate, which lasts from 1879.

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A fancy cruise through Tahitian treasures

If you are a true nature lover and you search for a little more adventure and fun, there is something you can’t say ”no”. Because it shows you the world from a whole new perspective and leaves you breathless. It’s a cruise, a Tahitian treasures cruise that will lead you through the most heavenly places and will give you the opportunity to visit three iconic island paradises: Tahiti, Hawaii and New Zealand.

The tour starts in Honolulu, Hawaii, where before boarding on the ship, you can visit the main landmarks of this city, like Pearl Harbour and Iolani Palace. This place will enchant you with all its rich and lush vegetation, but that’s not all, because you will also have the chance to see Haleakala, the world’s largest dormant volcano.
So after the ship starts its itinerary, the first few days will be spent on the sea, joining some entertaining activities on the ship, like yoga, spa or fitness. These days are just for yourself, to admire the scenic views and take some great photos of the amazing surroundings.

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7 Reasons to Visit and Love Madrid

If you plan to visit Spain in the near future, it would be a great idea to choose Madrid. Not only because it is very cosmopolitan and sophisticated, but also because you will find here a large diversity of sites, activities and attractions that will leave you breathless. Madrid can be called in so many ways, like the the Capital of Art, the City of Palaces or the City of Churches. All of these due to its great variety of architecture, culture and challenging tours around the city.

So for a clearer image towards this wonderful destination, check the list below and find out the main reasons why you should visit Madrid and why you will love it.

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Top 10 city breaks for a great summer vacation (part 1)

It’s time you take some time off and enjoy yourself this summer! What would the best destination be? How about some of the greatest cities in the world? Whether you prefer a warm climate or a cooler one, relaxation or partying, beaches or mountains, or whatever you can think of, you will definitely find your perfect destination. Take a look at the following list to see if any of these amazing cities tempt you!

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A spellbinding realm  – 5 reasons why you should visit Morocco

A salty breeze, the richness of the dessert, the thrill of a hidden alley… If you’re looking to spend some quality time during your vacation in one of the most interesting places on this planet, you should take Morocco into consideration. Home of many cultures (Berber, Arab, French and Spanish), this country will overwhelm you with astonishing beaches, deserts and mountains, the Atlantic coast, impressive architecture, mosques, winding alleys, spice-markets, cafés, great traditional food and many other amazing things to do, to see, to experience. Here are some of the most convincing reasons why you should visit these African lands:

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