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Canada: 11 of the Best Travel Curiosities

Canada: 11 of the Best Travel Curiosities

June 2, 2016

Canada, or the country “from sea to sea”, is a great tourist destination due to its vibrant cities like Toronto and Montreal and famous attractions: Niagara Falls, Banff National Park or the Rocky Mountains. These are just a few reasons why Canada should be on your travel destinations list, but there are also some interesting facts about this country that will enchant you. Check the list below and find out why Canada isn’t just an attractive country, but a curious and challenging one as well.

1.Quebec City is the only walled city in Canada and in the United States. This fact makes Quebec a fascinating place, since the walls surround the Old Quebec district of the city and it is included in the World Heritage Sites. There are actually four gates around the city, some of them being rebuilt or repaired and the only one that is still original is Port Kent gate, which lasts from 1879.

2.10% of the world’s forests is in Canada. About a half of this country’s land is covered with trees and forests, so that represents a tenth of the world’s forests. Canada has boreal forests, made up of pine, spruce and larch, usually crossed by rivers, lakes and wetlands.

3.The northernmost permanent settlement in the world is Nunavut, and it is actually the home for different activities and operations, like a weather station, a radio receiving facility and an atmosphere monitoring laboratory.

walled city boreal forest notre-dame montreal

4.The longest street in the world is located in Ontario. With a length of 2000 km, Yonge street starts at Lake Ontario and runs through the city to the Minnesota border.

5.Montreal is the city of the most numerous and beautiful churches in the world. The most famous would be Notre-Dame Basilica of Montreal and Saint Joseph’s Oratory of Mount Royal, don’t miss them during your trip.

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6.The longest fresh water beach in the world is Wasaga, 14 kilometers long, located in Ontario. It is a wonderful summer tourist destination, home to many recreational activities, such as short cruises and adventure parks.

7.The most widely attended festivals in Canada are the Celebration of Light, in Vancouver and the Winterlude, in Ottawa.

wasaga                  rideau canal

8.The world’s longest skating rink in winter is in the Rideau Canal in Ottawa, that is also an UNESCO World Heritage Site.

9.Toronto is one of the most cultural centers in North America. Here we find the National Ballet Company, the Toronto Symphony Orchestra and the Canadian Opera Company, whose spectacles shouldn’t miss from your activities if you visit this city.

10.The Butchart Gardens, located in Victoria, date from 1904 and are visited by over one million people annually. This place is a marvel during spring due its impressive floral collections, but also due to the statues, birds and entertainment activities: symphony concerts and fireworks shows.

Butchart Gardens                 Trans-Canada Highway

11.The longest highway in the world is Trans-Canada Highway. It is over 7800 kilometers long, crossing all ten provinces of Canada between its Pacific Ocean and Atlantic Ocean coasts.

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