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Travel by car: from Chicago to Los Angeles

Travel by car: from Chicago to Los Angeles

December 17, 2015

Have you ever thought about traveling and visiting America in a different way? There are so many attractions in the U.S., so many things to do, but there is an interesting option, if you want to travel by car: Route 66, that crosses the heart of America, linking two of its biggest cities: Los Angeles and Chicago.

Called the Mother Road or America’s Main Street, this route is known for its vintage motels, restaurants and service stations. Traveling on this road, you have the chance to see Lake Michigan, Colorado, Mississippi and Arkansas rivers, and the most spectacular, you can try Pacific Ocean’s water.

Along the road, you can experience different landforms, like the Grand CanyonRocky Mountains, the flat areas of Texas and Oklahoma and the hills of Ozarks. Grand Canyon is another breathtaking landscape, an unforgettable view for the admirers. Route 66 still has the atmosphere of the real America, with its regional traditions and food and with open and hospitable people. All these particularities offer the visitors a feeling of freedom, but also of nostalgia, that lets them know about the old U.S.

Along the road, there are some attractions you can’t miss. Visit the Rialto Theater in Joliet, Illinois, and Abraham Lincoln’s House. In Missouri, you must see the “Mural City” and the Boot Motel in Carthage. In Albatross, there is also the top biker bar in the whole world.

Arriving in Kansas means you can’t miss Baxter Springs, the biggest town of the Kansas section of Route 66. The town is known for its Historic Baxter Springs Independent Oil and Gas Service Station, listed in the National Registry as an historical place.

In Oklahoma, for years and years, the tourists get impressed by Texola ghost town, with its abandoned service station, Magnolia, that is also an historical place. In Clinton and Elk City, you will find many attractive museums, vintage hotels and a miniature park for children.

There are also many things to see in Texas: the CONOCO Tower Road 66Station at Shamrock, the leaning water tower at Groom and lots of vintage buildings on the 6th Street in Amarillo. Beyond these, there is New Mexico, with its neon light signs, then it’s Arizona, where you can admire a meteor crater in desert. The last destinations, in California, could be Hollywood and Mojave Desert. It is also the place where the first McDonald’s was open.

Travel lovers come from all over the world to transit this route by car, because this is the place where the enthusiasm, the beauty and the homesickness mix in a way that will make your journey a memorable one. So prepare your car and get ready to make your best memories. For a right accommodation, check the complete list of hotels and prices in U.S. You can find attractive places to stay in at cheap prices.