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North West Passage, a Cruise for a Lifetime

North West Passage, a Cruise for a Lifetime

December 18, 2015

The ocean must be a real curiosity for many of us, because all the stories and unsolved mysteries catch everyone and you want to find out more and even to see these rarities. For those who get excited of these things, there is an exceptional idea for a journey: a cruise through the North West Passage. You can choose from tours of 8 to 32 days, but it isn’t important how much it lasts, but how impressed you will be!

Connecting the Pacific and the Atlantic Oceans, the passage brings to light so many courageous expeditions of the greatest explorers from the past. Beyond those stories, the present will catch you more. This voyage will lead you through very little-explored waters, crossing the Arctic Circle, where the view captivates everyone.

The most memorable things you can see are the Polar Bearsicebergs and the fauna of this environment: polar bears, seals, arctic foxes and penguins. There can also be seen whales in the Bering Strait and travelers can meet the Inuit communities, with their interesting old habits and traditions of having a simple lifestyle despite all the modern influence.

Depending on the itinerary, the visitors can admire various giant icebergs and fjords. The biggest fjord in the passage is Kangerlussuaq, that is 168 km long. After this, comes the Sisimiut Coast, in Greenland, where the expedition can be stopped for a while to admire the wonderful landscape. The next attractions are the Melville Bay and Kap York. Kap York is the biggest hunting place in the area and in the spring and summer months, the ski is covered with millions of birds. The tourists can enjoy here the unique view of the tundra and for the courageous ones, there is a chance to climb the cape, if the weather allows it.

Another attraction is Devon Island, the largest unpopulated island in the world, but which hosts a rich variety of birds, animals and marine mammals. There can be met walruses, polar bears and muskox. These are things you won’t see many times in life!

The next great destination is Pond Inlet, surrounded by beautiful landscapes of Sirmilik National Park. This place offers the perfect chance to see in-depth the local traditions and exhibitions of Inuit communities, about their culture, history and daily life. Entering the fascinating Gibbs Fjord, the visitors can enjoy spectacular views of snowy glaciers rising from dark waters. This area is populated by Orcas and ringed seals, that can be admired and photographed from the boat.

Bering Strait  Glacier  Northwest Passage

Therefore, no matter what route you choose, there is a small list of things not to miss: hike the colorful tundra, search to see as many species of animals as possible, meet people from local communities and discover the most shattering stories about well known explorers like Sir John Franklin.

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