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Experience the ancient world atmosphere in Cairo

Experience the ancient world atmosphere in Cairo

December 11, 2015

Cairo, meaning “the victorious city”, is the capital of Egypt, known as the oldest touristic city in the world. It is situated along the Nile River, near the point where the river ramifies into the Delta region.

Visiting Cairo is as beautiful as it is crazy, the traffic could be a little bit disturbing, but, beneath this, there are so many curiosities to find out and such amazing places to see. The mix of the old world traditions and the modern technology reflect both in the lifestyle and in the city’s architecture.

A must-see attraction, as a tourist, are the Pyramids of Giza, Pyramids of Gizaincluding the pyramids of Cheops, Chephren and Mycerinus. Behind them, there is the Solar Boat Museum and guarding the temples is the Sphinx, an iconic monument of the ancient world, representing a lion bodied pharaoh face. The temples, major highlight of Egypt, are situated on the edge of the city, captivating tourists for centuries. For history lovers, there is another attraction to visit, the Egyptian Museum, that hosts 107 divided rooms with impressing collections of jewels, vases and other ancient pieces.

An interesting way to get there is by a camel safari, that lasts for 2 hours and allows you to admire the most powerful view of the pyramids. The ride includes bottled water offered by the organizers and it is recommended to do it in the afternoon, to catch the breathtaking sunset.

For an unique experience in Cairo, make a boat tour on Nile, by a felluca, an ancient sailing boat from Egypt. Their sails can be seen gliding along the river from all over the city.

While visiting Cairo, add on your attractions list the Mosque of Muhammad Ali, the most famous monument that also offers an impressing view. Go to Gawhara Terrace to see the wonderful landscape of the town.

Boat on Nile          Sphinx           Muhammad Ali Mosque

Don’t miss to pass through the biggest open-air market in Cairo, the Khan Ali-Khalili bazaar, that lasts from 14th century. It is the perfect place to buy souvenirs, clothes, perfumes or jewels, mostly because the prices aren’t fixed and you can negotiate everything.

Egyptian traditions can also be found in their cuisine, so, as a traveler, you have to try their specialties. You can have the most delicious experience in restaurant as Falfela, Abou El Sid and L`Aubergine. The authentic atmosphere and the tasty menu options will make you to come back there, for certain.

The accommodation in Cairo offers more alternatives. You can choose to sleep in a common hotel, or you can enjoy a Nile cruise for 4 or 7 nights. Check the complete list of hotels on TripEconomy and book the suitable one for you. The best period to travel to Cairo is from November to April, to avoid the high temperatures, so pack your things and prepare for a memorable vacation!