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The Thai world – Heaven on Earth

The Thai world – Heaven on Earth

February 25, 2016

A tourist’s dream come true – this is what Thailand has been described by others that have been there. It is an incredibly diverse location that offers visitors all sorts of possibilities to enjoy a great vacation. Whether you intend to relax completely or you prefer to party until dawn, there’s a place for you in Thailand. To really enjoy the Asian paradise, the recommendation would be to go South, where the islands’ turquoise beaches and fabulous night-life will definitely impress you. Here are a few suggestions for you Thai vacation:

cats1. Pattaya
Pattaya is located within the continent and it is the closest to Bangkok. This is where you’ll find the night-life mentioned before. The town is full of clubs for crazy nights spent around colourful cocktails, bazaars that are open all night, non-stop Thai massage parlours, local shops and quite a few malls. You will also find great beaches and this can be the perfect place to “taste” Thailand and fill your bags with nice things at a very good price.


2. Phuket
Phuket is definitely “the local Las Vegas”. This is where everything happens at maximum intensity and an even
higher concentration that what was described regarding Pattaya. If you’re ok with all the noise and you are eager to see what “having fun” really means to the Asian population, go out during the night. You will hear all music genres from the numerous night-clubs you will pass on your way and you’ll be amazed by the how crowded a place can be but you’ll still enjoy this great city that’s flooded by light and energy.
The beaches here are incredible; this is probably what paradise looks like. You have to see them with your own eyes, words will never fully describe such beauty.

elefant3. Samui
The further away from the continent you go, things tend to calm down. In Samui, the “craziness” tends to disappear and everything is quieter here. You’ll find great beaches, hotels and other services hard to find anywhere else. Actually, this is a fact for all Thailand; people here are very servile and the quality of all the services is very satisfying.
The temples of Buddha are everywhere in Samui and it is recommended to visit them. You can also take an elephant ride (the so-called “elephant tracking”) through mountains and cascades, visit the caves and the blue lagoons. If you’re not a big fan of the noise and the general atmosphere of Phuket, Samui will be a lot better for you. The relaxation and delight are guaranteed!

4. Krabi/ Koh Lanta
If you want total silence and relaxation, an atmosphere close to the one of an abandoned place, choose Krabi or Koh Lanta. For example, in Lanta, it will be just you, the hotel you’re staying in and the blue water all around.

5. Bangkok
bangkok After you’ve seen everything there is to see and you’ve already got a great tan, it’s a great choice to reserve 2 or 3 days for the capital and most populated city, Bangkok, especially for the Royal Palace and The Emerald Buddha temple, but also for the shopping. Coming to Thailand doesn’t require a big luggage. Rather than that, you should bring a lot of shopping bags, as the prices here are pretty low and the offer is incredibly vast. With a population of 10 million and an absolutely infernal traffic, the capital is the perfect place to empty your credit card.

Thailand is a wonderland lost between day and night, between the amazing beaches that will turn you into a hopeless romantic and the night show, it is a place where the tourist is the king and is treated like one. Choose the Thai islands for the most beautiful beaches and the cities for the parties you’ll never forget! Check for hotels and flights on TripEconomy and enjoy the Asian paradise!