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Hawaii Islands, a Perfect Exotic Cruise

Hawaii Islands, a Perfect Exotic Cruise

February 26, 2016

If you want an extraordinary destination for your next vacation, the options are limitless. But an exotic destination will always be a good choice, especially if you choose a cruise in Hawaii Islands. The fresh floral air and the warm waters will energize you and you will have the chance to see the most impressing panoramas. It is said there is no place like Hawaii on earth, but you have to convince yourself!

To make a complete journey, choose a cruise that leads you over as honolulumany places as possible so you can see the best of Hawaii. Start with the most populous of Hawaiian islands, Honolulu, where you can spend one night or two, so you have time to visit the main attractions. A top highlight here is Pearl Harbour, which features a memorial for those who lost their lives in the Japanese attack in 1941. Another sites you should visit are the Polynesian Cultural Center, Hanauma Bay and the Diamond Head Crater, a famous volcanic crater worth to see. Finally, enjoy the sun on one of the island’s great beaches and get ready for the next destination.

molokiniWhat’s next? Maui, whose wonderful beaches and breath taking landscapes can be admired from the boat. Once you arrive on the island, you will be able to enjoy the city, the sea and the mountains, because Maui has it all. Cruises here are very popular, not only for the exotic experience, but also because of the water sports you can practice, like surf or snorkel. So on the island you will find many attractions and you can start by visiting Haleakala National Park with its volcanic landscapes, subtropical rainforests and imposing waterfalls. The place is perfect for a nature lover or simply for those who want a well deserved relaxing moment. The next sightseeing could be Molokini Crater, whose uniqueness is given by the magnificent corals and colourful fish beneath the sea.

Your cruise can continue to Kauai, and as you get closer, the view gets na paligreater: the Grand Canyon of the Pacific, followed by many emerald landscapes, which give the island a well deserved nickname: the Garden Island. Napali Coast, in the north-west of Kauai, was the main backdrop for movies like Jurassic Park and King Kong and it is a place you really must see. Another scenic place to visit is the north shore of the island, with miles of white sand beaches and mountains waterfalls.

rainbow fallsAt the end of this exotic cruise, the boat will lead you to the Big Island, a paradise of tropical rainforests and black sand beaches. What is special about this place are the snow capped peaks of Mauna Loa, visible from the boat. Once you are on the island, take a walk through the Tropical Botanical Gardens and see two of the most active volcanoes in the world in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. At the end, visit the Rainbow Falls, whose water creates a wonderful rainbow in the dazzling sunlight.

You can choose from many itineraries for your cruise, depending on what you want to see the most. Find your perfect cruise on TripEconomy and book it right now to go to Hawaii in your next vacation!