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5 Best Attractions in Vienna

5 Best Attractions in Vienna

February 19, 2016

One of the most wonderful capitals of Europe, Vienna has very well preserved architectural styles, traditions and culture imposed during Austro-Hungarian Empire. Nowadays, tourists come here to admire the beauty of the city and there are so many reasons why they come back: long rides on the streets of Vienna, through monumental buildings reflecting the imperial background of yesteryear, the concerts from Opera, the museums with classic collections of fine art, the specific cafes where they can taste the flavor of the classic Vienna.

Both old and new, Vienna has a large variety of landmarks, from Baroque Schönbrunn Palacebuildings to modern style architecture. So here are some of the best attractions you must visit when you travel to this city.

1.Schönbrunn Palace, Austria’s most visited site, is a World Cultural Heritage building that was the property of Habsburgs for centuries. It preserved its original conditions and it allows visitors to see the authentically furnished residential and ceremonials rooms of the Imperial Family. Furthermore, tourists can take a walk through the labyrinth from palace gardens and they can also visit the separate museum of the palace.

2.Saint Steven’s Cathedral is a must see for every visitor who arrives in Vienna. It has 4 towers, 13 bells hanging, and it is neither more nor less than 107 meters long and 34 meters wide. The st steven's cathedralimposing building has numerous relics decorated with gold and precious stones inside, liturgical books and brilliant vestments.

3.The Art History Museum, considered one of the most remarkable museums of the world, houses numerous master pieces of European Art History, like Raphael’s Madonna in the Meadow and Vermeer’s The Allegory of Painting. There is also and Egyptian and Near Eastern Collection containing stunning treasures from mysterious cultures long past. And the most interesting, the Chamber of Arts and Wonders, opened again in 2013, hosts precious artworks from Middle Ages, the Renaissance and the Baroque period.

4.Danube Tower, 252 meters high, allows visitors to enjoy the most beautiful views of Vienna’s old city. If you search for something different, dine in the restaurant from the top of the tower while admiring the panoramas. The surrounding park has large jogging paths and playgrounds, being a perfect place to relax and to breathe some fresh air.

5.The Giant Ferris Wheel, visible from afar on Vienna’s skyline, is ferris wheelanother landmark you have to visit. Not only to visit, but to enjoy a ride on the wheel and see some splendid views over the roofs of the city. The wheel is part of the Vienna’s famous park, Prater, where you can find good restaurants, arcade shops and leisure facilities, but also a roller-coaster and a planetarium. So the place is worth to visit and only after this you can say that your tour is complete.

These are just some of the beauties of Vienna. Find out more about this city during your travel and don’t forget about accommodation. Check the list of hotels in Vienna on TripEconomy and choose the best accommodation that fits your preferences.