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African Safaris – An Experience To Remember

African Safaris – An Experience To Remember

November 22, 2016

The African continent is a great challenge for everyone, especially when it comes to visit it. Any new destination is an unforgettable experience, but we must admit that Africa beats them all. And what is the best of Africa? Safaris, of course! Planning such a vacation and choosing what kind of safari is best for your trip depends entirely on you: what you want to see, what activities you want to join and how much adventure you like. Travelers usually ask for an expert advice before booking any safari, in order to know from the start what to expect. Below you can find a list with the best safari tours in Africa, details about the destinations and things to do.

1.Botswana is considered the best place for safaris in Africa, especially because there are many unfenced reserves, elephantso the wildlife runs free between them and all the scenery is more realistic. One of the favorites here is Camp Kalahari, where many great tours are available.
Kalahari Suricate Safari lasts for 4 days, while you are able to explore Makgadikgadi Pans National Park. The camp is located in a sparse forest of fan palms, in grasslands overlooking the national park. The purpose of the safari, beside seeing the animals in their natural habitat, is to give interesting information about the area’s geology and archaeology and to allow visitors to explore the salt pans by a 4WD quad bike or to take a horse back ride.
We are still in Kalahari, to present a longer safari ride, a 16 days one. Cheetah Self-Drive Safari, that combines 15 nights in Botswana and Namibia, is an affordable trip, considering how long it lasts. The journey starts in Windhoek, includes Waterberg Plateau, Etosha National Park, Bwabwata National Park and the amazing waterways of the Okavango Delta Panhandle, ending in the stunning red sanded Kalahari Desert. The main highlights are the bird life, the hiking trails, the zebras, oryx, populations of elephants and rhinos and not at least, river cruises in Caprivi Strip.

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2.Kenya is the country where the word ”safari” actually comes from. Here you will be fascinated by the grandiose landscapes, varied wildlife and interesting culture of the local tribes.
Steppe Eagle Fly-in Safari is a 10 days tour in a great location named Elephant Bedroom, with luxurious tented accommodation and facilities. The safari leads you in Samburu National Reserve, where there is an intense animal action, than on the banks of the Ewaso Nyiro, to admire leopards and lions. The best period for this experience is the end of August, in order to admire the natural wonder of the great migration.
Lewa Safari Camp is another perfect destination to join a safari, so don’t think twice and go to explore Lewa Conservancy, with its vast populations of rhinos, zebras and giraffes. Try a horse or camel safari, run by the neighboring Lewa Wilderness and find out more about Maasai culture.

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3.Rwanda is popular for the encounters with mountains gorillas, which you can find most often in the Volcanoes National Park and which are the closest relatives to human, you’ll be impressed by the similarities.

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Golden Monkey Safari is a private guided tour which leads you to visit the restless capital city of Kigali, to try some great hiking trails when you have the chance to get close to the massive gorillas and to admire the sparkling Lake Kivu and the chimpanzees of Nyungwe Forest. The wildlife includes colorful birds and a large variety of primates and the available activities are multiple, from swimming in the lodge pool to hike to the nearby volcanoes and visit historic sites.

We hope that these ideas inspired you and made you want to join such an experience as soon as possible. A trip to Africa will lead you to a really different world, will give you unique memories and will teach you more about survival and adventure. Search your flight to Kenya, Botswana or Rwanda on TripEconomy and get ready for the unknown!