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Top 5 Best places to spend New Year’s Eve

Top 5 Best places to spend New Year’s Eve

December 5, 2016

If you are looking for a great place to spend the most festive night of the year, we suggest you get out of your comfort zone this year and travel and party with foreigners! Besides having a lot of fun, you will discover so much about other cultures, other traditions and other people’s understanding of a New Year’s Eve party and you will be fascinated by how different the ways that people like to celebrate are around the world.

1. Reykjavik, Iceland

The Hallgrímskirkja Church in Reykjavik, lit up by fireworks

The Hallgrímskirkja Church in Reykjavik, lit up by fireworks

Reykjavik is the capital of Iceland and a lively place, inhabited by amazing people who love to party. Their traditions are quite interesting to observe: the celebration takes place citywide and numerous people participate until the wee morning hours. The party always starts with community bonfires that are a symbol of burning away the previous year’s troubles. The fireworks light up the sky from every corner of the city, since there are no official displays in the city and this amazing night is mostly created by the locals. The best place to go and watch the firework show is the viewing deck of the Perlan/Pearl; this deck also offers panoramic telescopes at each of the six corners with recorded instructions and descriptions in five different languages. The building also hosts a party with dinner, drinks and great music. You can stay a little longer in Reykjavik to enjoy all the other things this city has to offer: natural wonders, fantastic spas, great museum and art galleries, historical and heritage sights and many other attractions.

2. Niagara Falls, Canada
Lights, lights everywhere! This is the best way to describe the New Year’s Eve festivities in North America, Niagara Falls. The Ontario Power Generation Winter Festival of Lights runs throughout the holiday season here; 120 lighting displays that were created with more that 3 million lights are displayed here. Also, more that 900 kilograms of fireworks are set off in the two shows at Victoria Park, overlooking the falls. The views are amazing, the waterfall looks absolutely fascinating and the eerie atmosphere is going to make your night very hard to forget. You can also choose to stay a few more days before or after the party to enjoy the beautiful park, the waterfall and all the other amazing sights nearby.

3. The Bahamas

Jumpy Jankanoo - New Year's Eve festivities in the Bahamas

Jumpy Jankanoo – New Year’s Eve festivities in the Bahamas

The Junkanoo street parades are what mostly represents the Bahamas during New Year’s Eve. This is the locals’ way of celebrating this amazing night, and the beach gatherings and spontaneous parties are a great way to have fun on this special night. Firework shows take place all over the island and you will encounter a lively atmosphere, with music, street performers, colorful costumes and a good mood. You can choose any of the Bahamian areas to spend this night, each and every one of them is going to be extremely fun. Of course, if you’re looking for something a little more formal, most hotels organize their own parties, with a more glamorous vibe.


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4. Sydney, Australia
The first major city that enters the New Year definitely rises to the expectations. This city hosts one of the largest parties in the world for this event: more than 1 million people attend the wonderful waterfront show, while even more people watch it televised around the world.

To get the best views of the fireworks, you can check out the vantage points in Sydney.

Map of the vantage points in Sydney/ source:

Map of the vantage points in Sydney; source:

If you choose Sydney as your destination for New Year’s Eve Celebration you should also take into consideration that a lot of people will be roaming the streets here and a little planning and organizing in advance won’t hurt at all.

5. Berlin, Germany


Contdown on a stage in Berlin on New Year’s Eve

Silvester is the alias for New Year’s Eve in Germany and a great opportunity for lively Berlin to throw the most amazing party. The “Party Mile”, that extends from Brandenburg Gate is filled with more than 1 million people every year. Music stages and all sorts of tents with food and drinks (alcoholic or not) await everyone in a fascinating celebration atmosphere. The amazing firework show that takes place at midnight seems to be just the starting point of the party. After the clock strikes 12 and everyone enters the new year happily, most people hit the over-the-top night clubs of Berlin.

If you still have some energy left after the wild parties, consider joining the free 4 kilometer New Year’s Tun and then check out some other interesting attractions and activities in Berlin.

Choose your destination and prepare yourself for an amazing experience and the most memorable New Year’s Eve party you can have! Check our website for the complete list of hotels and the best flight deals to your destination. Don’t forget that when you come back, you can leave a review for the hotel that you chose, in order to help other users decide! Enjoy your vacation and step into the new year happily!