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What to visit in London

What to visit in London

September 23, 2012

London, the Capital of United Kingdom, is one of Europe’s main financial, economic, fashion, cultural and touristic centers. With over 7 million in population, London has attracted people from all over the world, making it a multi-cultural city.

London city has managed to preserve its 19th century look, with massive stone and brick building that are still visible in the central area (Zone 1 for tube travelers). For first time visitors there are many objectives that are worth visiting, and there are quite a few options at your hand: bus tours, tube traveling (fastest and cheapest way of traveling) or on foot. Make sure you also get on a double-decker bus for a ride – one of London’s marks.

Among top destinations London UK has to offer are:

–    Tower Bridge (not to be confused with London Bridge that is a regular bridge nearby) – Tower Bridge is built at the end of the 19th century and it was one of the most ingenious bridges with its combined bascules suspension calbles
–    Tower of London – royal palace and fortress, situated just north side of the River Thames, near the Tower Bridge
–    St Paul’s Cathedral – dedicated to Paul the Apostle, the cathedral dates back from year 604 and rebuilt in the 17th century after the Great Fire.
–    Trafalgar Square – is a square in central London, a public space and touristic attraction, built around the area formerly known as Charring Cross
–    National Galleries – located in Trafalgar Square, features many paintings of renowned painters
–    Piccadilly Circus – is a round open area situated at a road junction. It is a touristic attraction with its shops and open advertising spaces (sort of older New York Times Square)
–    Palace of Westminster – the Houses of Parliament where the British Parliament houses meet (House of Lords, House of Commons). The Westminster Palace is also well known for its Clock Tower (otherwise known in the tourist world as theBig Ben)
–    London Eye – this is a giant Ferris Wheel situated on the banks of River Thames. It is 135m tall, offering an amazing view over London for those at the top
–    Buckingham Palace – official residence and office of the British monarchy

We are far from being over listing the attractions of the city of London, so we hope you are prepared for at least several days of visiting in this amazing city. Besides attractions listed above you will find numerous other interest points such as Westminster Abbey and Westminster Cathedral, or if you’re interested in a shopping area you can check the area between Piccadilly Circus and Oxford Circus (Regent Street), continued from the Oxford Circus with the Bond Street. Alternatively you may try one of the many shopping centers London has – try Westfield, the largest shopping mall in the UK.

For those interested in grabbing a bite, there are many restaurants and pubs to choose from, but for more educated taste we recommend the restaurants on Swallow Street (entry from Regent Street, near the Piccadilly Circus).

London also has several areas with brand new sky-scrapers buildings that many visitors are also interested in sight-seeing. For this, there is the Financial district where the London Stock Exchange is located surrounded by skyscraper office buildings of brokers and complimentary services. Another such area is the Canary Warf area (Isle of Dog), where skyscrapers are at home, featuring a large underground shopping area. For sporting addicts, London is the home of many large football clubs such as Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham, Fulham, or with its newly built Olympic park for the 2012 games.

For longer trips, visitors have a few options such as the taking the boat from the Thames services and go all the way to Greenwich (Greenwich Observatory where Earth’s Meridian 0 crosses – this location gave the GMT time setting). Taking a trip the other side of London, you can grab a one-day trip by bus to Windsor Castle or to Stonehenge Monument (5000 years old stone monument).

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