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What to visit in Moscow

September 23, 2012

Moscow, capital and main political, economical, cultural and financial center of Russia, is the largest megacity northernmost. Moscow has a large cultural and economical diversity supported by over 11 million in city population.

The city is named after the river that crosses it, Moskva, with a first reference to the name dating only 1147. Moscow’s architecture is world renowned with the Saint Basil’s Cathedral in Red Square standing out.

While staying in Moscow we highly recommend visiting at least some of the below sites:

–    Red Square – the most known city square. When visiting Red Square in Moscow, tourist may hit several attractions at once: Saint Basil’s Cathedral, State Historical Museum or Kremlin
–    Saint Basil’s Cathedral – Russian Orthodox church built between 1555-1561 at the order of Ivan the Terrible. The cathedral was originally known as Trinity Church and it stands out with its elegant onion domes
–    Kremlin – the former royal citadel, is currently the official residence of the Russian presidency. Kremlin is one of the World Heritage sites available in Moscow
–    Bolshoi Theatre – this is an historic theater that currently holds performances of ballet and opera
–    State Historical Museum of Russia – this Russian history museum exhibits a diversified range of prehistoric relics through priceless artworks acquired by Romanov dynasty
–    Red Army Theatre – this was the central house of the Red Army. It was constructed in 1940 using a Stalinist architecture style
–    State Tretyakov Gallery – one of the main Moscow’s art galleries with over 130.000 exhibit pieces

Needless to say there are many more things to do and see in Moscow, but it all depends on the time you have at your hand. For example, the GUM shopping mall, facing Red Square, is another place to kill some of the time visiting and of course shopping. One other thing worth seeing would be the Fabergé eggs (pieces of jewelry we are sure you’re familiar with). Some Fabergé eggs are displayed at the Kremlin Armory Museum.

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