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The Best of Santorini: Sunsets and Boat Tours

The Best of Santorini: Sunsets and Boat Tours

December 3, 2015

Santorini is a Greek island located in the southern Aegean Sea. It belongs to the archipelago with the same name and it is what remained after the eruption of an enormous volcano. This is how the giant lagoon was created, surrounded by high steep cliffs, that give a breathtaking landscape for the admirers. If you get there, don’t miss the warm sunset, the golden sun falling in the sea.

If you travel to Santorini, there is no way of getting bored. There are so many attractions, archaeological sites, churches, museums to see, and also wonderful places to get relaxed, like the large beaches, with bars and cafés alongside.

There are two seasons in Santorini, a warm one and a Firadry one, but both allow the tourists to visit the most impressing landmarks. Firstly, don’t miss to see the youngest land in the eastern Mediterranean, Palea Kameni and Nea Kameni islands, located “in the volcano”. These can be admired from boat, the cruises and the sea tours being the most loved activities.

For the visitors interested in history and archeology, there is a perfect place for them: the prehistoric city of Akrotiri, that is the most important archaeological site of the island. It was very well preserved, with many details, walls and objects, being the most important prehistoric discovery from all over eastern Mediterranean. But there is also an Archaeological Museum in Santorini, hosting collections of sculptures, figurines and inscriptions from the Archaic to Roman age and a Museum of Prehistoric Thea (Santorini), both located in Fira, the island’s capital.

ChurchTalking about museums, there is also a Naval Museum on the island, a Folklore Museum, a Wine Museum and the Museum of Musical Instruments. An interesting attractions is the Santozeum, that shows 3D life size reproductions of the wall paintings found in the prehistoric Akrotiri. This is a powerful thing to see!

In your sightseeing tour, you could put on your list some cathedrals and churches, the most significant being Panagia Episcopacy, Prophet Elias Monastery and the Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral.

On the eastern and south-eastern Santorini Landscapeside of the island there are the most visited and famous beaches, with unique characteristics, like multicolored sands and various land formations. For a vacation with your family, especially with children, it is recommended to choose from Avis, Kamari and Monolithos. They are very well organized beaches, with hotels and restaurants for all the preferences. Avis Beach is preferred by the water sports lovers, being visited especially by the youngest.

In Santorini you can also find Perivolos, Perissa and Vlychada, the most popular beaches from the island, that impress with their wind sculptured landforms. Here you can spend quality time admiring the landscapes, but also enjoying a cocktail in the clubs and the taverns from around.

Santorini has distinct landforms, and its beauties can be admired very much better from the sea, so a boat tour “in the volcano” is the best choice you can make. So don’t think too much and come to this destination by booking your flight anytime on TripEconomy.