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Looking for the perfect place to spend Christmas?

Looking for the perfect place to spend Christmas?

December 7, 2015

In many countries of the world, Christmas Holiday is a very special moment and it’s spirit catches us all. It’s not only about gifts, lights, carols and Santa Claus, but it’s more about spirit and feelings. The streets fill out of lights and decorations, the shops are full of toys and other gifts and everybody looks after having the perfect holiday.

Some people run away from the cold weather and go to exotic destination to relax and to enjoy the sun and the sea. But other people choose to spend Christmas with family, in a peaceful mood, enjoying the silence and making presents to the loved ones. For those who want to mix traveling with Christmas atmosphere, there are many amazing destinations all over the world and you can find some of them below.

Lapland is known as the official city of Santa Claus, so it Northern Lightscan be the perfect destination for children. They can have funny sledge rides and they can also visit Santa’s house, in Rovaniemi. It would be an awesome experience for them, but there are many interesting activities for adults, too. If you want something new, you can spend the night in an igloo hotel, you can try a husky safari and, with a little luck, you can admire the northern lights.

Salzburg, Austrian city, is the suitable destination for winter sports lovers. Besides skiing and skating, there are many more things to do, like relaxing in saunas and spas. Spending Christmas in Mozart’s city is like a fairy-tale, no matter if you just walk on streets or if you choose to join the social and cultural program of Salzburg Christmas Market. The smell of baked apples will complete the amazing background and your holiday will be unforgettable.

Christmas is a wonderful time to visit Rome. Besides its romantic side, Rome can be the perfect background to spend the winter holidays. Piazza Navona and Campo de Fiori are the best places for shopping and Saint Peter’s Square in Vatican is also an interesting attraction for tourists.

Madrid is another remarkable destination for Christmas. Winter Holidays If you visit it in this period, there are a lot of things to do that will give you a holiday to remember. You can choose the traditional tour to visit monuments and museums, but there are also available activities like a Christmas lights city tour, by Navibus (a bus that takes you on a tour of all the Christmas lights throughout the city). And you can’t miss the Christmas markets, the biggest being placed in Plaza Mayor, but also in Plaza EspaƱa, and an artisan food market, located in Plaza de Opera.

Copenhagen is a real Christmasy city and if you go there, there are some special places not to miss. Tivoli Gardens, decorated with fairy lights, will host a big market with decorations, delicious food and gifts and there you can listen to good music, go to concerts or see nativity plays.

Christmas must be the time of joy, but also of fun and relaxation. No matter whether you add other activities on your list or you choose one of these destinations, there is a complete list of hotels and flights available on TripEconomy.