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Monte Carlo, for a glamorous vacation

Monte Carlo, for a glamorous vacation

January 19, 2017

Famous for its luxurious locations, for its beaches and yachts, for the majestic Casino and the parades, Monte Carlo is the principality icon district of Monaco, located on the Lagurian Sea. The city is home for many grand hotels, skyscrapers and fancy restaurants, but also for some interesting attractions, as it is the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception or Le Grand Theater. Let’s see the best landmarks of this amazing destination and why you should visit them in a lifetime.


First of all, it is the Casino of Monte Carlo, the elite symbol of the Principality, which is located in the square with the same name. You won’t be able not to notice the luxury cars at the entrance or the majestic fountain in front of the building. Then, let the grandeur of this location surprise you more and more. The Casino was designed by the same architect of the Paris Opera and it is made by gold and marble, with multiple sculptures and imposing paintings on walls. The entrance ticket is €10 and it’s for adults only, but it’s a good price according to what you will see there.

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Monaco_operaLe Grand Theater is located in the same complex with the Casino, recalling the splendor of the Belle Epoque: fine ornaments, gold chandeliers and a window with view to the Mediterranean Sea. Could you want more? Then find out that the columns supporting the structure were designed by Gustave Eiffel and the theater hosted multiple world premieres, like La Damnation de Faust and Massenet’s Don Quixote. You will see there some similarities with the Parisian Theater, so this attraction is really worth a visit.

The Oceanographic Museum is an exceptional attraction for both children and adults, offering 6500 square meters of space which hosts more than 6000 marine species like turtles, sharks and even a coral reef. And for history lovers, there is a part for them too: a great collection of objects and tools that document the birth of oceanography. Tickets are €14 for adults and €7 for children and disabled people. As you can see, entrance prices are not very high, so you can make an affordable sightseeing tour to visit few of these amazing landmarks.

oceanographic museum                               st nicholas cathedral

The Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, located in the center of Monaco, is the most important religious building in the city. It has an impressing history, being a new-Romanesque place of worship risen on the ruins of a church dating back to 1252. Inside the cathedral there are some interesting things to admire – the altar of Saint Nicholas from 1500 and the tomb of Prince Rainier III of Monaco.

The Exotic Garden of Monte Carlo is a green oasis in the middle of Monaco, home for different species of plants and trees from Africa, South America, which blooms all year round. Furthermore, there is a cave rising from the sea up to 100 meters high, which can be explored by everyone who visits the garden. There you can also visit the Historic Anthropology Museum to see the relics found in the cave and to find out interesting information about that place.

So this is Monte Carlo, a mix of luxury, grandeur, beautiful architecture and exotic places. Restaurants are also very good there, even if they may seem expensive. The service is excellent, ingredients are qualitative and dishes are delicious, since the cuisine has been influenced by France and Italy. Prices on hotels are varied, depending on travelers requirements and location of the hotel. Here it is a complete list of hotels in Monte Carlo, so 💼TripEconomy helps you to find the perfect deal.