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Visiting Bali – Tips & Fun Facts

Visiting Bali – Tips & Fun Facts

January 13, 2017

Also known as “The Island the Gods”, Bali is a very popular tourist destination in Indonesia. Although many people have been choosing this beautiful island to spend their vacations on for quite some time, it still keeps its spirituality and natural charms, and you can still feel like you’ve arrived in a little corner of paradise if you go there. If you are planning on spending some your vacation there and it is the first time you visit Bali, you should know a few things, in order to enjoy the experience to the fullest. Check out our list of tips, tricks and fun facts!

  • If you are looking for a quiet place, South Bali and Ubud are not the place to go. They are very beautiful places and definitely worth a visit, but if you are not a fun of big crowds and noise you should opt for the north and west coasts.

Pura Ulun Danu Bratana, major Shivaite and water temple on Bali, Indonesia.

  • A big part of the magic of Bali is the deep-rooted religious behaviour of everyone. You can expect streets being temporarily closed for certain ceremonies and be careful when it comes to the dates of your trip. On Nyepi, everything in Bali is shut down, including the airport. Nyepi is the Balinese new year, and it is celebrated during the Lunar New Year, according to the Balinese, which falls on the first new moon after mid-March.
  • Temples are the most popular tourist attraction in Bali. There are numerous beautiful temples and sacred religious sites that you can observe and be fascinated by the culture there, especially if you are not used to the Hindu dogma. You should wear a sarong or long clothing when entering a temple. Also, if you see a row of flip-flops at the entrance of a building, you should take your shoes off too if you want to go in.
Monkey eating on the streets of Bali

Monkey eating on the streets of Bali

    • Wild and stray animals usually roam the streets of Bali without any fear. There’s a big possibility that a lot of stray dogs and monkeys are going to welcome you to Bali. Be careful and keep a reasonable distance. Rabies and other diseases are a serious risk there. Also, monkeys are well known thieves… they looks cute but you can’t know their intentions.
    • January to April and October to November are rainy periods in Bali. You can find some really nice discounts for your trip during the rainy season, but it’s probably best to be able to enjoy this beautiful island at maximum intensity and avoid spending half of your vacation indoors.

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  • Keep in mind that Bali’s beaches have powerful waves and strong currents. The exposed rocks can also be a danger. It’s best to be accompanied by someone when you go swimming.
Bali's waters strong waves hiting the coast

Bali’s waters strong waves hiting the coast

  • A very important tip regarding health – highly recommended vaccines for a trip to Bali are: Tetanus Diphteria, Measles-mumps-rubella, Typhoid, Hepatitis A.
  • Don’t drink tap water. Bali is a generally hot place and staying hydrated is very important, but avoid tap water and buy bottled water instead.
  • There a a few beaches on the island with black sand. For example, Lovina beach’s black sand comes from the cooled lava of the Mt Agung volcano. This is also a great place to spot dolphins!
  • Tourism is actually the largest industry in Bali in terms of income. About 80% of this island’s economy is based on it.
  • There is a chocolate factory in Ubud that is completely made of bamboo! This amazing place opened in November 2011and it can be visited by anyone. You should definitely try some of their delicious chocolate!

There are lots of things to do and see in Bali. Temples, museums, amazing landscapes and monuments are everywhere for visitors to enjoy. You can also try scuba diving, river rafting, Balinese massages, hot springs, free diving, surfing, sailing, yachting, fishing, canoeing, golf, paragliding, horse riding, jungle trekking and so on. The opportunities are endless. You can have the adventure of a lifetime in Bali.

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