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Best routes to travel by car in Europe

Best routes to travel by car in Europe

February 18, 2016

Some of us want to forget about organizing when we go on vacation, while others are not afraid of taking responsibility for everything because they prefer being independent and having a certain freedom of movement. For the latter category, travelling by car seems to be the best idea. After getting the necessary information about the legal issues of a car excursion, take a look at these route suggestions for an amazing trip:

1. Switzerland – France – Italy
cats2This magnificent picturesque route takes you through three of the cosmopolitan European countries: Switzerland, France and Italy.
After visiting Geneva and admiring the Leman Lake, also known as “The Alpine Sea”, move towards Chamonix(a city known as the “Mecca” of mountaineering) crossing Thonon-les-Bains. The road through the Mont Blanc Tunnel, built in the highest part of the Alps and having over 11 km in length will send shivers down your spine. It will also take you straight to Valle d’Aosta, in Italy. You will come across the famous Courmayeur resort, the highest point in Europe, at an altitude of 4810 meters.
The best choice from here on would be to go down towards Torino and then Savona. You will have the opportunity to explore the rocky cliffs and picturesque towns of the Riviera di Levante and the port of La Spezia.

2. Spain – France
Take this road if you are a hopeless romantic and the most attractive part of a trip for you is the view. Go through the Spanish Basque region and towards the spectacular lands of France and the Iberian peninsula.
From the port of Bilbao towards Lourdes you can admire the incredible scenery of the Basque County, an entirely different part of Spain. Go on to San Sebastian, the stylish cosmopolitan resort, usually preferred by the Spanish aristocracy. On your way to France, in the heart of the Pyrenees, you will find Lourdes, the most visited pilgrimage centre of the world. After that, head to Toulouse. From this elegant city until you reach Lausanne, you’ll have about 6 more hours to drive, and since you’ve arrived in Switzerland, it would be a great idea to make a stop in Geneva too.

3. Norway
If you’re thinking of a trip to the North, Norway offers some of the most beautiful car journeys on its magnificent roads, hidden in its forests. The northern coast of Norway is truly spectacular, especially seen from the Atlantic Road, the most famous route in Europe.
The road starting with Oslo will take you through the most beautiful fjord landscapes, over incredible bridges thrown over the ocean, impressive mountains and serpentine. Head north towards Oppdal and then to Kristiansund.
After that, the next place you must see is the village Bud. Here’s where you’ll find numerous idyllic fishing spots, beaches and an amazing scenery perfect for taking photos.

4. Budapest – Vienna – Prague
Very popular among the European circuits, the Budapest – Vienna – Pragues route has some of the most fascinating attractions and is also very easy to follow.
The road from Budapest to Vienna is extremely attractive, especially is you decide to make a stop in Cesky Krumlov, one of the most beautiful medieval towns in southern Bohemia. On the western side you can’t miss Karlovy Vary, the superb spa resort with thermal springs and all the craftsmen wandering around with so many beatufiul things to show you. To reach Prague, you’ll have to drive about 130 extra km, but the road is definitely worth it. You’ll be surrounded by a charming picturesque scenery that will make you feel like you’re driving through a little corner of paradise.

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