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Top 10 colorful destinations around the world

Top 10 colorful destinations around the world

April 11, 2016

As a travel lover, you surely get excited about those destinations that show you something different, something that you don’t see everyday. There are many people attracted especially by curiosities, by unusual places, buildings or land forms. What about visiting the most colorful destinations in the world? Imagine how much positive energy you get and what amazing pictures you can take! Here are some of the most impressing colorful places in the world, don’t miss them them if you arrive nearby.

1.Kawachi Fuji Garden, Japan. It is situated in Kitakyushu city, being popular due to the Wisteria Tunnel, with purple flowers falling from the trees over the visitors’ alley. The garden is also home for 150 trees, separated on 22 different species and the best period they are worth visiting is April and May, when it is held the annual Wisteria Festival.

2.Canola flower fields, Yunna, China, also known as the golden ocean, are rapeseed flowers fields that blooms in early spring, attracting many visitors from all over the world. Beside being a popular attraction, this site is a national center for raising bees and producing honey.

3.Zhangye Danxia, Southwest China. Also known as the Rainbow Mountains of China, it is an unique land form covering an area of 300 square miles and was formed from geological processes specific to China. The place was declared a World Heritage Site in 2010, enchanting millions of visitors with its bright colors.

wisteria tunnel canola fields Zhangye Danxia

4.Cinque Terre, Italy, named after the five villages with terraces that overlook the sea, is a portion of coast on the Italian Riviera, with colorful buildings worth to be admired during a boat tour along the coast.

5.Tulip fields, Netherlands. The best panoramas can be seen between March and May, with large fields of tulips in the most powerful colors, situated in Dune and Bulb region.

6.Burano, Italy is located 4 miles from the city of Venice and its colorful buildings can be admired better during a gondola tour across the city. The interesting fact here is that when somebody wants to paint their building, they must submit a formal request to the government and this will respond with a specific set of allowed colors.

7.Caño Cristales River, Colombia, known as the River of Five Colors, looks like a falling rainbow due to the dense population of aquatic herbs, corals and sedimentary minerals.

tulip fields burano italy cano cristales

8.Lavender fields, Provence, France. These huge geometric purple fields of lavender create amazing landscapes, frequently visited in June and July, after which they are harvested. A walk along these delicate mauve plantations is for sure a well deserved moment of relaxation.

miracle garden9.Dubai Miracle Garden is the world’s biggest natural flowers garden, containing over 45 millions flowers in the largest variation of bright colors. There are so many interesting shapes all created with flowers, like hearts, circles or zigzags.

10.Lake Retba, Senegal is a pink water lake lake retbawhose color is due to its high salt content combined with a large concentration of Dunaliella saline algae, that produce a red pigment. This algae is one of few organisms that can survive in these salty conditions, and the color it gives to the lake make it very popular and often visited site.

Make your travel a joyful one and visit these amazing places. Pleasure yourself with good vibes and take the most beautiful travel photos ever. Don’t forget about accommodation during your journey, so find the complete list of hotels on TripEconomy and start a new adventure!