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What to visit in Venice

What to visit in Venice

September 23, 2012

Venice, Italy, is a world recognized touristic attraction, and no matter in what period of the year you will go there, there are always a lot of tourists around. Venice is split in two sides: one on the sea (the touristic area that we will refer to in this article) and a continental area, where a regular city has emerged.

Built upon sea, all islands are separated by the Venice canals, populated by motor boats and gondolas. Best time to visit is February when the Venice Carnival takes place. No worry if you can’t make it during that period as Venice keeps its carnival spirit all year long and beautiful masks are for sale at every souvenir shop.

There are quite a few things to see in Venice. You can do this by walking or you can try a tour in the gondola (prices though for gondola rides are maybe prohibitive for many tourists).

Among the sights to see we can recommend:

–    San Marco Square with Basilica di San Marco, impressing through its well preserved architecture. In San Marco Square there is also available the Archeological Museum for visitors interested in Venice history.
–    Rialto Bridge (or Ponte di Rialto) – a well known bridge in Venice connecting San Marco with San Polo areas. The bridge itself is has a central path with rooms on one side and the other.
–    Santa Maria della Salute (Catholic Church)
–    Murano Island – you will need to get a boat to visit Murano. This is the place of provenience of the Murano glass, well appreciated in the entire world. If you visit Murano island make sure to take a free tour of the Murano glass factory.
–    Chiesa del Redentore (Catholic Church situated on the Giudecca Island)

This article would not be enough to cover all the beauties Venice has to offer. As a visitor your will find many more interesting sights to check and enjoy. Hotel rooms are available for booking on both Venice sides: touristic area and continental area. Hotels on the Venice canals could be a bit more expensive, but that is why we recommend checking for best hotel prices in Venice on Easy access is offered to the touristic area from continental Venice with Italian public transportation service.