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Visit Helsinki: 8 great sights in the capital of Finland

Visit Helsinki: 8 great sights in the capital of Finland

May 6, 2016

The urban area of Helsinki offers a great variety of cultural, historical and outdoor attractions to visit and explore. Built in a Neoclassical style, the center of this city has wide beautiful streets and boulevards and many sites for nature lovers, like parks and public gardens. You can explore all of them on foot or on a bike and it is a destination for all ages. Here are some great ideas of sightseeing you must visit during your trip in Helsinki.

1.The National Museum of Finland is perfect for history lovers. It presents Finnish history from prehistoric times to the present, with large collections of archaeological finds. It is also provided with a workshop, that is an interactive exhibition for children and adults, where everyone can learn more about Finland history.

2.Suomenlinna Sea Fortress, one of the biggest sea fortresses over fortressthe world, is a very popular attraction in Finland and an unique monument to European military architecture. The exploration of Suomenlinna is done on foot, while you can stop and dine in one of the restaurants from the fortress.

3.The Esplanade Park is another popular place, not only because it is perfect for relaxation and long promenades, but also because it hosts several important events, like jazz concerts and fashion shows, that take place especially in the summer.

amusement park4.Linnanmäki Amusement Park, an attraction dedicated for the whole family, is a complete entertaining place where you can enjoy fun rides, some of them full of adrenaline, others more calm and relaxing. The wooden roller coaster from here is over 50 years old, but remains the most popular due to its spectacular rides. Join for a ride and you won’t regret.

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5.Helsinki Zoological Garden, established in 1889, is an unique place where you can meet animals from the arctic tundra to the tropical rain forests. Through the 200 different animal species snow leopardstanding here, there are included many endangered species, like he snow leopard and the Amur leopard.

6.Market Square is another place that should be on your ”must visit” list. Here you can find traditional food and treats, as well as handmade souvenirs and jewels. Prices are accessible and you can have a coffee break here in a heated cafe tent.

olympic stadium7.The Olympic Stadium, built in 1938, hosts national and international sport events, as well as outdoor concerts. The Stadium Tower is 72 meters high, being the perfect place from where you can admire the wonderful urban landscape.

8.The Helsinki Sky Wheel is one of those attractions you should not miss in Helsinki. It provides a 360° view of Helsinki city and its surroundings. The cabins are well equipped, air conditioned, so the wheel is opened all year round for those who want an unforgettable experience.

As you figured out, Helsinki is for everyone, nature and history lovers, adrenaline seekers or shopping enthusiasts. So if you want to experience this large variety of activities and attractions, don’t think twice, book your hotel in Helsinki and get ready for a new challenge!