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6 Great Things To Do In The Exotic Tenerife

6 Great Things To Do In The Exotic Tenerife

April 21, 2016

One of the most popular holiday destinations in the world, Tenerife is the largest of the Spain’s Canary Islands, home for Teide Mountain, which is among the world’s largest volcanoes. The island is known for its amazing volcanic landscapes, completed by yellow and black sanded beaches. The luxurious resorts and restaurants from here are the main reason why this place attracts so many tourists yearly. Most of them come here for relaxation, water sports and for the party atmosphere.

Tenerife offers so many opportunities of spending a great time there. The climate is warm all year-round, so this place is perfect whenever you want to escape the bad weather and treat yourself with a luxurious vacation.

1.Water Parks are an amazing choice, because you can have lot of fun, siam parkyou can relax, swim and tan under the hot sunshine. Aqualand and Siam Park are two of the best water parks you shouldn’t miss. Here you can try the best water slides and large pools with the largest man made waves where you can even practice surfing. Amazing, right? These parks are endowed with restaurants and bars, so you can spend a whole day here without missing anything. You can enjoy dolphin shows and spend a day full of adventure and adrenaline.

2.Loro Parque is another attraction worth to visit. It is a large animal park, perfect for a family trip, where you can admire dolphins, orcas and penguins. The park has a zoo too, with tigers, chimpanzees and gorillas. After trying this wonderful experience, you can rest and dine in one of the restaurants of the park.beaches in tenerife

3.Beaches in Tenerife are the main reason you should choose this place for vacation. La Tejita, Las Teresitas or El Duque are just a few not to be missed. With soft colorful sands, these beaches are a real paradise, all surrounded by giant cliffs or volcanic land forms. Water sports are popular here, as well as the lush resorts and hotels.

4.Teide National Park is a perfect place to be explored by those who love nature. The park surrounds Teide Mountain and shows some bizarre land forms left after a volcano exploded millions of years ago. So you can admire interesting lava streams, lava rocks and ash meadows, which create this unique highlight of the island.

5.Luxury Yacht Cruises, for those who want to see more, can last for three or four hours, but you won’t regret it. Board on a yacht to see whales, turtles and dolphins in their natural habitat, to snorkel with turtles and then to relax with a cold drink while admiring the scenic panorama.

teide mountain   yacht cruise   yellow submarine

6.Yellow Submarine Dive is a experience to remember. Pass through the less explored waters of Atlantic Ocean to see abundant marine life from the large panoramic windows. The tour lasts for an hour, while you can admire octopuses, colorful fish, sea horses and sting rays. The submarine is airy and spacious and there is a guide that will present you details about the sea life and about the submarine.

There are so many things to do in Tenerife, that you want to experience them all. Don’t think twice and book your flight to Tenerife to enjoy the best exotic trip.