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Top 10 adventure destinations in India

Top 10 adventure destinations in India

April 15, 2016

Start a new adventure, this time by choosing to visit India. Maybe you don’t know much about this, but there are many interesting activities here, full of adventure and adrenaline. Beside their unique culture and habits, you can discover that, for the courageous ones, there are some great challenging destinations that will make their trip more vibrant and cheerful.

1.Manali-Leh Highway is a very popular route passing through mountains and villages, where people kept their simple lifestyle and continue to have their own small businesses. You can admire all of them and get lost in the nature, having an adventurous and relaxing experience at the same time.

2.Manali, Himachal Pradesh is a well known destination especially for the opportunity you have here to go for paragliding. So admire the nature in its entire splendor while having the most spectacular view of Solang Valley.

3.Ganapatipule Beach, a real treasure of Maharashtra, is another wonderful place to relax and have long walks along the Arabian Sea, but also a place to practice water sports and camel rides. The beach is sprinkled with green oasis, being an unmissable place in your trip.

manali paragliding    Ganapatipule Beach    tsomgo lake

4.Tsomgo Lake in Sikkim is worth to visit, despite the difficult road that leads to it. It is situated at more than 12 000 feet altitude about sea level, bringing a great view for visitors.

5.Almora, situated in Uttarakhand, is a beautiful destination that puts together history, culture and the natural beauties nearby. Here you can visit remarkable temples like Asht Bhairav, Rudreshwar Mahadev and Nanda Devi.

6.Ghost Town of Bhangarh is a real attraction of India, even if it is one of the scariest places. Even so, the curious tourists come here to see the ruins, but as a preventive safety measure, they are not allowed to enter the town after the sun sets.

7.Roopkund Trek, Himalayas, is a heavenly place that has everything: untouched forests, snow, ice, large meadows and great places for camping. Make a stop here, breathe deeply and treat yourself with positive energy.

almora   ghost town   himalaya

8.A desert safari in Rajasthan will be an enchanting experience. You don’t just go through the desert, but you have the opportunity to see some interesting ruins and find out their captivating stories and legends.

9.Caves of Meghalaya are a place to explore and get impressed by these hidden marvels. You can admire here the local flora and fauna, while you pass through natural formations, scenic hills and ample valleys. The most accessible caves are Krem Phyllut, Mawsynram, Mawsmai and Siju.

10.Rishikesh is the perfect place for rafting and camping. The adventure sports are very popular here, the favorite one being rafting the mystical waters of Ganges. After this, you can camp in the appropriate places to spend the night in the heart of nature.

desert safari               rafting

Adventure awaits you and every mentioned place is ready to be explored. So book your flight to India on TripEconomy and start this amazing experience full of adrenaline, mystery and natural beauties.