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6 of the Best Sights to See in the Beautiful Nice

6 of the Best Sights to See in the Beautiful Nice

June 14, 2016

Nice is the fifth most populous city in France, also called Nice the Beautiful and it is located in the Côte d’Azur area, on the south-east coast of France on the Mediterranean Sea. The natural beauty of Nice and the Mediterranean climate are just a couple of reasons why this destination attracts annually so many tourists. There are also imposing and glorious buildings and other architectural attractions that enchant the visitors, and here is a top of sights you shouldn’t miss to see if you travel to Nice.

1.Parc du Château is simply a wonder of Nice, so it is a wooded outcrop parc du chateaulocated on the eastern edge of the old city. To get there, visitors have to climb some coiled staircases, but it’s worth the effort because the view from above is breath taking. Up there, you will find beautiful green spaces and many sides from where you can admire different parts of the old town, the port and the Provençal hills. This place is amazing for a relaxing afternoon, enjoying the fresh air and the artificial waterfall located there, above the city.

2.Masséna Museum is an iconic architectural landmark of Nice, being built in 1901 as a holiday home for Prince Victor d’Essling. Nowadays, the building is a grandiose museum dedicated to the history of the French Riviera. The grand neoclassical style of the museum and the beautiful gardens that surround it create an elegant and airy layout, so loved by tourists.

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olt town of nice3.The Old Nice is a veritable symbol of the city and a walk on its narrow streets is for sure a delight. Here you will find many restaurants and bars, but the main attraction is still Saleya, a massive market square where you can find everything: from flowers and food, to clothes and antiquities. The place also puts together some important architectural sights of Nice, like the Chapel de la Misericorde, the Lascaris Palace and the Sainte Réparate Cathedral. You may spend two or three days in this area to succeed visiting all the attractions, but in the end this part of Nice is really fascinating and unique.

promenade des anglais4.The Promenade des Anglais is a 4 kilometers paved promenade along the Bay of the Angels, provided with a line for skaters and cyclists. Along the way, it is not just the sea view that will enchant you, but also some wonderful landmarks, like Negresco Hotel and the art-deco Palace de la Méditerranée.

5.The Nice Observatory is a astrophysics and astronomy laboratory, designed in collaboration with Gustave Eiffel, who came up with an ingenious floating system for making the giant telescope mobile. Tourists are usually impressed by this system, but also by the huge cupola of the building. The organized tours inside the laboratory lead visitors even in the cupola, which is a fascinating experience, since they have the opportunity to look through such a telescope.

6.The Botanical Garden of Nice is a free entrance garden containing more than 3500 plant species, mainly Mediterranean, including beautiful collections of trees and herbaceous plants, all used to reconstruct different geographic areas and ecosystems.

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Nice is much more than this, but these would be the most important landmarks. For a more detailed visit, it is also recommended to see Matisse Museum, Saint Nicolas Russian Orthodox Cathedral, Port Lympia and not at least, to enjoy the public beaches of the city. You can find cheap hotel deals by checking on TripEconomy the complete list of available hotels in Nice.