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Travel to Calabria – Italy’s best kept secret

Travel to Calabria – Italy’s best kept secret

June 7, 2017

Southern Italy is full of surprises. Sorrento, Naples, Capri, Pompeii and the Amalfi Coast are all fantastic destinations, especially for a relaxing summer holiday, if you’re a beach & seaside lover. Calabria, on the other hand, is a little less popular coastal region from Southern Italy, but it holds just as many fabulous attractions and magical places. Find out what are the best destinations you can visit and the activities that you can try out here:

1. Praia a Mare

Praia a Mare, Calabria, Italhy – Sunset landscape

This particularly nice beach resort town is surrounded by the Policastro Gulf and it is an amazing destination for sunbathing and enjoying the seaside. Here you can visit the Sanctuary Madonna Della Grotta, home of the sacred statue of Mary the virgin, where a religious parade is held between August 14th – 18th.

Pollino National Park is also worth a visit. It is home to a lot of interesting plant and animal species, such as beech trees, the Loricato Pine, the Royal Eagle. The dolomite-like rock formations, the glacial deposits, the many cave systems, the archaeological sites, the sanctuaries and the castles turn this park into a complete adventure, enough to keep you busy for a day at least.

Sea cave entrance in Italy

2. Dino Island

The island is 3 kilometres long and it is home to 3 fantastic marine caves: the Waterfalls Cave, the Lion Cave and Blue Grotto (Grotta Azzura) – flooded with a fabulous blue or emerald light, this cave is the most popular here. To get the best experience when visiting this serene place, try to get there early in the day or later in the evening, when it is not that crowded. Keep in mind that if the sea swells, the cave is going to be closed.

3. Tropea

This picturesque town is a delight for any traveler. Sunbathe on the Tropea beach, visit the civic centers, Santuario Santa Maria dell’Isola – the beautiful church built on an imposing rock in the water, Piazza Ercole, the historic centre (Centro Storico Tropea), try a sightseeing tour, a boat tour, a bike tour or even a submarine tour if you’re interested; scuba diving & snorkeling are also wonderful ideas, alongside parasailing & paragliding.

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4. Reggio di Calabria
The oldest city in the region, though modernized after the catastrophic earthquake in 1908, is a fantastic destination for observing the Greek heritage that remains in the Italian region of Calabria. Museo Nazionale della Magna Grecia, for example, is an Italian archaeological museum dedicated to Ancient Greece. One of the symbols of the city, the Greek bronze sculpture named “Bronzes of Riace” can be found here. Here, you can also visit the ancient village of Pentedattilo and the mountain region of Scilla.

You can also check out other small towns and cities here, as you will definitely find amazing things anywhere, such as relaxing beaches, fabulous mountain peaks, fascinating historical sites and stunning religious sanctuaries. Check out Badolato, Camigliatello, Isca Marina, Roccella Ionica, Santa Maria Del Cedro, Sant’ Andrea Apostolo dello Jonio, Scalea, Stilo, Trebisacce and Vibo Valentia.

No matter what you choose to visit in the region of the Calabria coast, there will be an adventure waiting. Besides all the things that you can visit that we mentioned, there are amazing activities that you can try in certain places in Calabria, such as white water rafting, cliff jumping, scuba diving, paragliding and trekking. There are many regions there where you can actually do these things and there are agencies and centers that you can request more information from.

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