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Papua New Guinea Travel Tips

Papua New Guinea Travel Tips

May 29, 2017

This fascinating island nation in Oceania is not as popular as other exotic destinations out there, but the fact that it has not been touched by mass tourism is exactly what’s so special about it. This wonderful place can be divided into 9 main regions, with countless attractions for tourists and natural wonders.

The 9 regions are Southern Papua New Guinea, Southwestern Papua New Guinea, Madang-Morobe, Highlands, Sepik, Milne Bay, New Britain, New Ireland and Manus and Bougainville. The capital of the country is Port Moresby, a wonderful city which draws attention towards itself throught the fascinating Melanesian atmosphere, the zoological gardens, the Parliament building and many more.

Because of its position on the map (just to the south of Ecuador), the climate there is tropical, with a wet season between December and March. Best times to visit are definitely outside of the wet season period, and the best time for trekking is between the months of June and September.

Keep in mind that most foreigners would need a visa to enter Papua New Guinea. Look for more information about that to find out exactly what to do before anything else if you plan on organizing a trip there.

Getting around Papua New Guinea is best to be done by PMV (public motor vehicles) with the locals or by plane – the aviation system in this country is on point, since air transport is still the most common way to get around between major settlements and many people rely on it.

Here are a few things that you should definitely see in Papua New Guinea:

  • The Kokoda Trail: this 60 mile trail (over 96km) beginning in the Port Moresby area and leading up into the Owen Stanley Range. You can try the 5 day hike on this track and explore all the fantastic mountain ridges and streams.
  • The Highlands: Check out Papua New Guinea’s highest peak – Mount Wilhelm. Get a local guide, it is not recommended to go on your own if you want to climb the mountain. Make sure you have a few days to go sightseeing in this place, because there’s a lot to discover.
  • Madang: Located on the northern coast, this is a great place for scuba diving for anyone, regardless of their experience. The coral reefs and the numerous colorful fish are a delight.
  • Wewak: There, you can take canoe rides up the Sepik river and get to Haus Tambaran;
  • New Britain, Bougainville and the Trobriand Islands are also worth a visit. Check out the best swimming and snorkeling spots, the awesome trails for hiking, the hot thermal springs and the bubbling mud holes.

There are many activities that you can try out in Papua New Guinea, all of them will turn your visit here into an amazing experience and a vacation to remember. Besides the already-mentioned scuba diving and trekking, you can also try birdwatching, surfing, attending festivals like the annual Goroka and Mt. Hagen shows, fishing and flightseeing. The food there deserves a chance too! Try out the traditional “Kaukau” (sweet potatoes), that are prepared in the “Mumu” way of cooking – in an underground oven with meat and other vegetables.

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