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Did you know: Tierra del Fuego is the Southernmost point in the world

September 23, 2012

Tierra del Fuego (Land of Fire), is traditionally marking the End of the World point (relax, we are referring here to Southernmost point of the World, not the end of life on Earth). Tierra del Fuego is an archipelago located southernmost tip of the South American mainland, also known as the region of Patagonia. The archipelago consists of a number of islands just across Strait of Magellan, such as Isla Grande divided between Argentina and Chile, the largest island, and some smaller islands including Cape Horn.

Isla Grande de Tierra del Fuego has an area of 48,100 square km, and the region’s economy is mainly dominated by ecotourism, manufacturing and Antarctic logistics. The region has an oceanic climate (surrounded by Atlantic and Pacific Oceans), with short, cool summers and long, wet, moderately mild winters.

How to travel to the End of the World? As a tourist you have several options to get to Tierra del Fuego: one would be to fly all the way to one of the several nearby airports, such as Ushuaia, Rio Gallegas or a bit further north, El Calafate; but for a really romantic trip as it’s meant to be, we recommend driving for a few days, taking on the legendary Route 40 or Route 3 that cross the Patagonian region from North to South.

Besides the wild fauna and flora, there are quite a few attractions and sightseeing activities in Tierra del Fuego. The main city is Ushuaia, where you will find a diversity of accommodation packages for different budgets – simply check for Ushuaia hotels on for great hotel deals. For those looking for more excitement, we recommend camping in the National Park,  near Lake Roca. Alternatively, many estancias (Patagonian sheep farms) offer accommodation with lots of activities at the farm, however rooms here may reach even  $1000 / night. The Black Lagoon or Lookout Point are also some places of interest with access from Route 3.

Last, but not least, while in Tierra del Fuego, to be able to truly say you have reached the southernmost point – the End of the Earth, you need to go to Cape Horn, where the particular hazardous waters, strong winds and large waves have made it notorious as the sailors’ graveyard.