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Did you know: Salzburg hosts over 4000 cultural events each year

September 23, 2012

That’s right, over 4000 cultural events are hosted each year in the city of Salzburg, Austria, the birthplace of one of the musician genies of this world: Mozart. The old city of Salzburg is in a beautiful location between the Salzach glacial river and the Monchsberg, overlooked by the Hohensalzburg Fortress.

Surrounded by grey rocky mountains and forestry hills, it seems difficult to be born in this city and have nothing to do with artistic life. This maybe explains Mozart or the numerous events taking place here.

Besides its cultural inheritance, one other richness of the city of Salzburg is salt, where its name actually comes from: city of salt.

Everywhere you look and go in Salzburg, Mozart music is being played, two Mozart museums will take you through the compositor’s life, and there are even chocolate balls called Mozart Kugeln.

The Hohensalzburg Fortress was built for the prince-archbishops (at one time the Prince of the Holy Roman Empire). A visit to the Fortress will give you access over some amazing views over the Alps and the city. One other point of interest is the Salzburger Dom, a fifteenth-century cathedral, one of the many wonderful churches to be seen in Salzburg. Mozart was baptized in the Salzburger Dom, a cathedral with 5 harmoniums, musician galleries and baroque decorations – a quarter of Mozart compositions were dedicated to this impressive building.

Maybe one of the best times to visit Salzburg is between the end of July and August, when the 5 weeks Summer Festival takes place. During the festival all concert halls, palaces and churches resonate with concerts. Royal and non-royal heads of Europe attend events during this festival, and that is why during this time the city gets a breeze of medieval elegance that you will not find somewhere else.

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