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Prague­: The Golden City of 100 Spires

Prague­: The Golden City of 100 Spires

November 27, 2015

Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic and also the historical capital of Bohemia, situated on the Vltava River, in the north-west of the country. On the east side of the river is The Old Town, dating from 13th century, while on the west side is the other part of Prague, named The Lesser Town.

With a population of 1.24 million people, which makes the country the 15th largest city in the European Union, Prague is well known for its famous cultural attractions, especially because of the architectural styles. Called “The Golden City of 100 Spires”, Prague hosts so many Renaissance, Gothic and Baroque churches, cathedrals, towers and town halls, all of them having beautiful spires.

In The Old Town Square, the most impressing places to visit are the Tyn Cathedral and the Astronomical Clock.

The Tyn Cathedral, also known as The Church of Our Lady, is an interesting example of Gothic sculpture with a Baroque interior. The cathedral has two asymmetrical spires that can be admired from all over the city.

The Prague Astronomical Clock dates from Middle Ages, being installed for the first time in 1410. Besides that it is the oldest astronomical clock in the world that still works, it has also many symbolic components: the background represents the Earth and the local view from above, the golden numbers on the edge of the blue circle are the timescale and the signs on the black circle represent the zodiac.

Tyn Cathedral Prague    Astronomical Clock of Prague

There are much more sights to visit in The Lesser Town of Prague:

The Prague Castle is a complex castle whose construction started in the 19th century and lasted for 50 years. The building includes all the architectural styles from the last millennium, with important attractions like Saint Vitus Cathedral, Basilica of Saint George, Prague Castlesome gardens, monasteries and palaces. The tourists can visit most of this places, especially because many of them became museums and art galleries.

Saint Vitus Cathedral, with an impressing architecture in the Gothic style, was built in 1344 and it’s the biggest church of the country. The most important parts of the cathedral, worth to visit, are the chapel, the grave of Saint Wenceslas, the Mosaic of the Last Judgement and a particular room with the Bohemian jewels.

Basilica of Saint George is the oldest church from Prague Castle, built in 920 in a Romanesque style. The church has two tall towers and the light coming through the decorative windows in the stone walls creates a very old world effect. If you want to visit it in a different way, you can attend one of the evening concerts that take place there, providing a wonderful atmosphere.

These are just a few symbols of Prague, but you can also add on your destinations list the Charles Bridge, Saint Nicholas Church, the National Theater and the National Museum, with natural scientific and historical collections. Prague is a cultural center of Europe, having lots of concert halls, cinemas and museum and hosting many music and film festivals.

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