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Middle East Travel – Jerusalem Guide

Middle East Travel – Jerusalem Guide

May 8, 2017

A journey for the soul, a trip for inner peace and an amazing vacation experience – Jerusalem is a holy city to three religions (Islam, Christianity, and Judaism) and it is riddled with tourist attractions and amazing spots to visit for everyone. This fascinating “City of Gold” is a mixture of first century heavy history and twenty-first century modern vibe.

Here are some of the most interesting places that you can visit and things that you can see there:

1. The Old City

The Dome of The Rock

Even though it is divided culturally and historically in 4 quarters (Muslim, Jewish, Armenian and Christian), these 4 parts manage to make a whole and represent the historical and spiritual heart of the city. The Old City of Jerusalem is a UNESCO World Heritage site and it is the best place to go to if you are looking for a spiritual experience and getting closer to your religion’s roots.

The Christian Quarter is the north-west quarter and the most wonderful attractions here are: Church of the Holy Sepulchre, the Lutheran Church of the Redeemer, the Muristan area (beautiful outdoor cafes and small shops around an eerie central fountain) and Church of St John the Baptist. You can also take A Walk on the Roofs: there are a couple of sets of stairs that will enable you to enjoy this unique kind of stroll.

The Muslim Quarter (north-east) is the largest of the 4. Visit the Dome of the Rock, al-Aqsa Mosque, the Museum of Islamic Art, St. Anne’s Church and The Pools of Bethesda, Monastery of the Flagellation, King Zedekiyahu’s Cave/Soloman’s Quarries and Ecce Homo Arch the get the best of this world. Keep in mind that Non-Muslims are strictly prohibited permanently from entering the al-Aqsa Mosque and currently from entering the Dome of the Rock.

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The Jewish Quarter awaits visitors with wonderful things to see too, such as The Western Wall, the Western Wall Tunnels, the Ophel Archaeological Park, the Hurva Square, the Medieval Synaguge of the Rambam, the Wohl Archaeological Museum, The Four Sephardic Synagogues, the Temple Institute and the Karaite Synagogue.

Visit the Armenian Quarter and check out the Citadel, St. James Cathedral,Saint Mark’s Syriac Church and Monastery and the Armenian Museum.

Check out the attractions outside of the walls to, such as Church of the Dormition, King David’s Tomb the Rockefeller Archaeological Museum and many more.

The Knesset Building

2. West Jerusalem

This part of Jerusalem is also known as the New Jerusalem, as it is the best representation of Jerusalem’s modern, commercial heart. Get to know this side of the holy city by visiting the The Knesset (the Israeli Parliament Building – it offers guided tours – in Hebrew, Arabic, English, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Amharic, Yiddish, and Finnish – for the public on Sunday and Thursday 8:30AM-2:30PM; you must call in advance), the Israel Museum, the Bible Lands Museum and Mount Herzl, the national cemetery of Israel.

Olive trees in the Gethsemane Garden

3. East Jerusalem

The East side of Jerusalem is viewed by Palestinians as the capital of Palestine. Visit The Mount of Olives, the Tomb of Simeon the Just (Shimon haTzadik), the Rockefeller Museum, the The Palestinian heritage museum and the Garden of Gethsemane to enjoy some of the most representative sights in the City Of Gold.

Plan your perfect trip now! Keep in mind the best times to visit this city (April-May and October-November – great for the temperatures, the events and the hotel deals you’re likely to score), pay attention to the dress codes and be respectful towards everyone’s habits and beliefs and manifest the appropriate behaviour around religious sites. This is not going to be your typical relaxation and unwinding vacation; this is a trip for the soul and a spiritually enhancing experience. Check out the hotels in the complete list on TripEconomy and choose the best room for you. Book a flight for the best price and enjoy your wonderful trip!