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The Galapagos Islands –  a cruise through the wildlife wonderland

The Galapagos Islands – a cruise through the wildlife wonderland

January 29, 2016

Nature lovers will find the Galapagos Islands the perfect place for their vacation. This is the place where you can completely relax and escape from the crowded places and the grey skies and enjoy the untouched natural environment of the islands, where the sun shines almost always, the sea breezes caress your skin and the animals will roam around constantly, as they have no instinctive fear of humans.

Visit a prehistoric land of volcanic adventures, see the alien cactus trees, the swimming iguanas, all kinds of flightless birds, immense tortoises, snorkel right next to a penguin, a sea lion and a lot of other fascinating creatures that are unfazed by your presence.

Depending on the itinerary, the activities vary and there are so many fascinating things to do, you won’t want to step out on anything that your cruise has planned out. You will cruise to pristine islands and walk among colonies of animals and birds, observe the unusual species that you won’t see anywhere else, explore the waters of the Galapagos by kayak or go on nature walks with local naturalists. You can swim, snorkel and explore everything and every place you find appealing, like cinder cones, lava floes, lava tunnels, white and black sand beaches, rocky cliffs, secluded coves and amazing underwater environments. It is just like a nature documentary that you can walk through. Boobies, cormorants and iguanas will be right at your feet, minding their business like you’re not even there. Sea turtles, hammerhead sharks and sea lions will swim by your side and you will get as close as possible to these amazing creatures.

You can observe remarkable evolutionary variations from island to island, depending on the itinerary of your cruise. Some of the islands you can visit are: Isla Bartolomé, where you can walk to the top of Bartolomé’s volcanic cone and have the opportunity to swim with penguins; Isla Santiago, full of tide pools and underwater caverns, home of the Galapagos fur seals, marine iguanas, sea lions and Sally Lightfoot crabs; Isla Santa Cruz, home of the Charles Darwin Research Stations, a breeding station for endangered native species is also what you’d call the tortoise paradise; Isla Isabela is the place to go to snorkel among the sea turtles, look for dolphins, whales and the unusual ocean sunfish, the Mola mola; Isla Floreana, the only place where you might have the opportunity to see the endangered Floreana Mockingbird; Isla Fernandina – hike over lava flows and dicover the marine iguana haven of Punta Espinoza, the Galapagos hawks and sea lion nurseries; Isla Española, the birder’s paradise.

No matter where you can and what you visit, the truth is that every single corner of this place is worth seeing, The natural diversity is mesmerizing, the things you’ll see here and the creatures that will cross your path are something to remember. You will definitely leave this place with an extremely good feeling! Look for hotels and flights on TripEconomy. Enjoy the wildlife wonderland!