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Siquijor Island – a mysterious trip

Siquijor Island – a mysterious trip

April 20, 2016

With a magical vibe attached to it, the Siquijor Island is a Filipino paradise which can offer one of the most relaxing vacations you’ll ever be in. Full of legends and intriguing myths this island’s history and culture will appeal to the curious ones with stories about witchcraft (mangkukulam – healers, potions and healing rituals) and the rise of the island itself from the depth of the ocean. Legend has it that Siquijor rose from the sea during an incredible thunder storm and the numerous fossils and shells found in Mount Bandila-an are seen as evidence for this theory.

Legends and myths aside, the most popular “healing practice” around here consists now in a cocktail and a deckchair at one of the many wonderful beach resorts on the island.

The main regions to visit are Larena, Lazi, San Juan and Siquijor Town.

11. Larena
Larena is Siquijor’s second port town and the provincial capital. It has a laid-back country feel and it is, like most of the island, a very relaxing place. Located 6 km north of the town centre, Larena has a couple of decent restaurant and some resorts on the enticing Sandugan Beach. It is a very relaxing spot, a place to reflect and really enjoy the seascape. If you feel like you need a break from all the agitation and want to take a few days off to completely detach from the usual chaos, pack your bathing suit and an appetite for a cocktail and make a run for it!

2. Lazi

kagusuan beachThis quiet south-eastern town is home to the impressive pink-coral-stone and timber San Isidro Labrador Church,
built in 1884. A magnificent timber and stone villa, the oldest Catholic convent in Philippines can also be found here. Another great place to visit is the Siquijor Heritage Museum, a window to look through to the intriguing history of this place. 2 km to the North, The Cambugahay Falls on the Po-o River is surrounded several refreshing swimming holes.
Between the towns of Lazi and Maria, you can reach Kagusua Beach, a perfect place for sunbathing and simply enjoying the breeze. A good road leads from the village down to Kagusua, where steep concrete steps take you down to a string of beautiful secluded coves that you’re guaranteed to have all to yourself.
Wander around Lazi and you’ll also find the horseshoe-shaped Maria Bay, more stunning beaches, a marine sanctuary perfect for snorkelling, a water park and the Olang Arts Park.

san juan3. San Juan
The most interesting part of Siquijor, San Juan is the main destinations for most of the tourists. This place has the best dive sites, an excellent range of accommodation and as a typical small Visayan municipality, it is centred around a plaza and the Calipsay’s Spring Park.
Great beaches can be found here, such as the wonderful white-sand Paliton Beach. The water here is as clear as it gets and you will have a great view of the Apo Island.
The best diving in Siquijor is along a wall that runs from Paliton Beach southeast to Tubod Beach. The several marine sanctuaries along this stretch will definitely enchant you. Look for the Japanese shipwreck and the “sunken island” for greater experiences.lugnason
2.5 km south-east of San Juan, you will find the Lugnason Falls, which falls into a clean, teal-green swimming hole.
Just before the village of Campalanas is the home of one of the most interesting things around San Juan. The tremendous balete tree, estimated to be about 400 years old and believed by some to be enchanted, is a great place to visit in Siquijor. Dangle your feet in the spring-fed pool in front on the tree for a free fish spa, as the water is filled with flesh-nibbling fish. You will fall in love with this place!

4. Siquijor Town
The very quiet town of Siquijor is a peaceful spot and a trip here is a great opportunity to relax and really observe the calm nature of the townspeople, their friendliness and openess. There is a lively market selling fresh fish and the usual selection of small shops. You should also check out the picturesque coral-stone church built in 1783. You can climb up on it for a bird’s-eye glimpse of the town.

The local, friendly and quiet atmosphere of the beautiful Siquijor Island will fascinate you and won’t let you go home. This perfect tropical island, with beautiful surroundings, green and blue colors all around, palm trees and unbroken sites, is the place to go if you want to unwind and relax.

Explore the stunning beaches, dive, snorkel and swim in crystal clear waters and waterfalls, watch the unforgettable sunsets, taste the best filipino food and discover the lovely local people of this magical island; check out the complete list of hotels and look for available flights to the Philippines on TripEconomy!final