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A fancy cruise through Tahitian treasures

A fancy cruise through Tahitian treasures

May 24, 2016

If you are a true nature lover and you search for a little more adventure and fun, there is something you can’t say ”no”. Because it shows you the world from a whole new perspective and leaves you breathless. It’s a cruise, a Tahitian treasures cruise that will lead you through the most heavenly places and will give you the opportunity to visit three iconic island paradises: Tahiti, Hawaii and New Zealand.

The tour starts in Honolulu, Hawaii, where before boarding on the ship, you can visit the main landmarks of this city, like Pearl Harbour and Iolani Palace. This place will enchant you with all its rich and lush vegetation, but that’s not all, because you will also have the chance to see Haleakala, the world’s largest dormant volcano.
So after the ship starts its itinerary, the first few days will be spent on the sea, joining some entertaining activities on the ship, like yoga, spa or fitness. These days are just for yourself, to admire the scenic views and take some great photos of the amazing surroundings.

Then, the ship arrives in Bora Bora, French Polynesia, the most colorful place of all this trip. Here, the panorama is predominated by verdant valleys, white sands and hibiscus blossoms, all of them surrounding the vibrant blue lagoon, that is home for thousands of tropical colorful fish. The symbol of the island is Mount Otemanu, 2379 feet high, which you should not miss from visiting.

honolulu    bora bora    auckland

The next day, the cruise continues to Papeete, in Tahiti French Poly. Here you can visit the Gauguin Museum, which shows you large collections of Paul Gauguin canvas. Or you can try an equestrian adventure and see the rain forests and canyons, that make this destination the heaven on earth.

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After this, you are still in the French Polynesia and arrive to Moorea, an unique volcanic island with turquoise lagoons and white and black sands, that make it a fantastic destination. Here you can try water sports like kayaking or snorkelling and visit the magic Afareaitu Falls. Explore the more you can here and join dynamic activities because there are coming another few days on the sea, before arriving in Auckland, New Zealand. Here it’s waiting for you a whole new cosmopolitan environment, a lush and leafy cityscape with parks, beautiful gardens and amazing art galleries. You won’t have time to get bored here, as well as in the Bay of Island, where you will get the next day. This place is perfect for both, relaxation and sunbathing, but also for some more dynamism, parasailing, mountain-biking and swimming with dolphins.

 moorea          auckland city

After two more days on the sea, there it comes the final destination, Sydney, Australia. Considered one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the Southern Hemisphere, this city offers anything, from large beaches, to world-class stores and wonderful buildings and landmarks. From all this diversity, you shouldn’t miss the Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge and you should experience a breath taking view from the Sydney Tower.

In the end of all this unique experience, you will be able to say that you had it all: adventure, sun, relaxation and fun. So if all of these excite you, don’t wait too much and search for your favorite cruise on TripEconomy.