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5 trip destinations for adrenaline seekers

5 trip destinations for adrenaline seekers

January 14, 2016

Are you the kind of person that gets bored quickly and always seems to need a little more action? Are you looking for the kind of thrill that you haven’t felt in a while and nothing seems to come even close to your need for adrenaline? Take a look at these places and you’ll definitely feel tempted to plan your next trip as soon and as close to these extreme attractions as possible!

1. Devil’s pool, Victoria Falls, Zambia
The name sounds terrifyindevils poolg, doesn’t it? This place definitely lives up to its name! Victoria Falls is the very antithesis of what constitutes a suitable swimming spot for most people. It is basically a naturally formed “armchair”, very close to the edge of the falls on Livingstone Island. Tourists are welcome there somewhere between September and December, when the river flow reaches a certain level that allows a rock barrier to form an eddy with minimal current. In these conditions, the most adventurous of tourists are able to splash around in a somewhat safe place, although you can’t really associate the word “safe” with swimming a few feet from the point where water cascades over the falls in an almost 2 meters deep pool with little fish nibbling your feet. There is a chance you slip over the rock barrier, so if you do go there, be careful and enjoy the adrenaline, but the explosion of water and spray everywhere and having the most beautiful rainbow beneath you is worth it!

2. CN Tower, Canada – The Edgewalk

The Edgewalk is the world’s highest full circle hands-free walk on a 1.5 m wide ledge, 365 m above the ground, at the top of the Tower’s main pod. Tourists will walk in groups of six and the trained guides are there to encourage you to push your limits and lean back over Toronto. There is nothing but air around you and you have an incredible view over the city and Lake Ontario. The walk lasts about 30 minutes, during which you are going to experience an indescribable thrill. Although you are 100% safe and secure, with tethers that can support an elephant, you won’t take that into consideration when you’re staring into the void beneath you and your instincts will take over, giving you the most amazing feeling. You have to force yourself to lean out over the abyss and the feeling this whole experience gives you is one that you won’t forget too soon.

3. Las Vegas – Insanity, the ride at the stratosphere

The name says it all. It is definitelinsanityy not an activity for the faint-hearted, but if you’re looking for the most thrilling ride you’ll ever take, then this is it, you’re found your destination. The ride is, in fact, a massive mechanical arm extending out almost 20m over the edge of the Stratosphere Tower and at a height of over 270m. You and the other passengers will be spun at an incredible speed. The angle you will be propelled up to will tilt your body in the straight down position. Try to overcome the fear and open your eyes! The view you will get from up there is one you don’t come across every day.
We have to warn you, this tide is not suitable for those who easily get dizzy and queasy. Make sure you are hydrated and you do not have a full stomach before you enter this ride.

4. Yosemite, California, S.U.A. – Portaledge camping

portaledge For most people, going camping means having a nice and relaxing holiday at countryside. On the other hand, there are people who are not satisfied with this definition. For the adrenaline lovers out there, camping took an unexpected, intriguing turn: portaledge camping. A portaledge is a tent-like construction that you basically just lie on while it dangles from a spot that you have attached it to, usually a cliff at hundreds of meters above ground. This form of camping, in which you attach a deployable cot from a single point on a cliff face, basically setting your “bed” for the night mid-climb, is not new, but it is becoming popular among adrenaline junkies all around, making it the ultimate form of accommodation for those who love the thrill.
If you like the idea of sleeping in a suspended tent but 600+ meters seem a little too much for you, there is an alternative: at the Waldseilgarten Mountain Resort in Germany, guests can get to sleep on their own portaledge tent, suspended from a tree branch.

5. Baños , Ecuador – Swing at the end of the world

swing “Casa del Arbol”, or “The Treehouse” is simply a small house built in a tree for the purpose of observing Mt. Tungurahua, the active volcano nearby. It is a seismic monitoring station, consisting of simple wooden room, but the real attraction is the crude swing hanging from of the tree’s skinny branches. The swing arcs riders out into the void over the canyon, with no harness, net or any other safety feature. It seems pretty dangerous, right? You are swinging over a steepish hill, about 30 m above it, so it is definitely a little dangerous, but that’s the point, right? Adrenaline is probably a big word for this, but you’ll definitely feel some sort of thrill knowing how high you are actually swinging and how nothing holds you in place but your own two hands. It is a stunning and beautiful experience! On a cloudy day it really does look like you are swinging out into nothingness. Other tourists also recommend that you take the day and hike to this location, stop along the way to see the volcano and have lunch; the elevation is about 1000 meters from Baños and the climb is moderate to difficult but so nice!

Write these places down and prepare yourself to take your much needed dose of adrenaline! Look for the hotels and flights available on TripEconomy and start planning your thrilling experience!