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Did you know: US largest wild park is in New York

Did you know: US largest wild park is in New York

September 23, 2012

Not in New York City, but close by – in New York state. The State Park Adirondack is the largest wild park in America, as a paradox, being laid down near one of the most densely populated areas: the East Coast with New York City just 320 km away.

This wild park is larger than some US states or world countries, similar in size to Belgium. Over 12,950 square km with lakes, rivers, forests and low level hills were practically unknown until the 1830s. Lincoln Barnett was saying that Stanley found Livingstone in the dark Africa before most New Yorkers found the wildness in their own backyard.

The area covered is larger than Yellowstone, Yosemite, Grand Canyon, Glacier, and Great Smoky Mountains National Parks combined. The Adirondack is part of the oldest mountain chain on Earth; the rock formed 700 million years before any life records on Earth.

To visit the Adirondack Park, you can fly to New York City and rent a car to drive all the way to the park or take a bus line like Greyhound to Albany, where tour buses awaits to take you to Lake Placid, Lake Tupper and Lake George. Camping areas are also available, along with ski resorts or near-lake hotels for those who want to enjoy a walk by the lake, boat rides or fishing.

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If you decide to visit the Adirondack Park you should avoid the June-July months as it is the season of black-flies.