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10 Things you must know if you visit Athens

10 Things you must know if you visit Athens

January 21, 2016

It is well known that, for a travel addicted, Athens shouldn’t be missed from his destinations list. Athens tourism is very well developed because of the multiple advantages of the country it belongs to: interesting history, culture, arts, stunning ancient buildings and monuments well preserved, the most famous being the Parthenon. There are also many museums to visit, gardens, zoological parks and luxurious beaches for those who want a relaxing moment.

But apart of all these amazing and famous attractions, there are also some interesting less known facts about Athens. For a complete vacation, you should know some of these curiosities to make sure that you won’t miss any great moment or place of the city.


1.Athens dominates Attica region, which is one of the oldest cities in the world, with origins dating back to 3400 b.C. The area was continuously inhabited for at least 3000 years.

2.The Parthenon, located in Acropolis hill, was built in honor of goddess Athena, from where the country got his name. The temple is known to have endured many natural calamities and also invasions. Every full moon in August, the Acropolis stays open until 2am, with free entrance, offering theatrical and music performances.

3.The very first Olympic Games took place in 776 b.C. In Olympia. People came around from all over the country to watch the games.

lykavittus4.Athens has 7 splendid hills, the highest being Lykavittos, 277 meters high. For the courageous ones, they can climb the hill on the endless stairway. For those who don’t want to experience something like that, there is a funicular railway that allows the passengers to see some beautiful landscapes of the city.

5.Athens hosts one of the largest and best equipped digital planetarium in the world. It is located on Andrea Syngrou Avenue, has 280 seats and offers 3D virtual trips to the galaxy.

6.5000 years old artifacts can be seen in the National Archaeological Museum, that also houses antiquities from Neolithic to Roman Greece Age.

beach in athens

7.In 2004, before hosting the Olympic Games, all the street signs had to be changed to include the Latin spelling under the Greek.

8.Cheap entrance fees to beaches like Glyfada, Varkiza and Alimos. There are very clean and well organized beaches, with restaurants and bars along them.

9.Walk to see street artworks of Athens, there are some big impressing graffiti and paintings on walls and some talented artists got permission to paint on some famous buildings.

10.Athens is perfect for any budget, no matter if you choose to eat in some luxurious restaurants or not. The food is cheap and you can also find good prices for accommodation.

If you travel to Athens, try to do a little of everything: visit museums, theaters, go to the beach, try to find out more and more about the city’s history, try their food and enjoy the amazing views. To get there, check flights to Athens on TripEconomy and get ready for a memorable vacation!