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What to visit in Verona

What to visit in Verona

September 23, 2012

Verona, the city of love, where Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet originated. And it is on good word that Verona is a city of love, as once you get there you will understand that life has more meaning.

Verona is a picturesque place that you will love right away, with green hills and Roman vestiges, aligned poplar that simply transcends you in a passed time.

Not far away from Venice, only about 100 Km distance, Verona is in easy rich for a one day travel leaving from Venice.

There are a few interesting things to see in Verona – you should have on your to see list some of the following objectives:

–    The house of Capullets – where Juliet supposing has lived. You will easily identify the balcony Juliet was sitting at where Romeo was making his love declarations. At the house of Juliet (Giulieta) love declarations seem to have found their home, as all visitors are writing their names on the walls declaring eternal love to their other halves.
–    Arena from Verona – the arena is a a place preserved from Roman times, where gladiator fights used to take place
–    Teatro Romana (or the Estate Teatrale) – just across the Ponte Pietra and rising up on the hill, this place offers a great view over the entire city of Verona
–    Castelvecchio – an old castle with the Ponte Scaligero, the only bridge that was still standing after the end of second world war
–    Duomo of Verona – built in Romanesque style, dated 1187

These being said, all these places can be enjoyed in a one day tour. We are sure Verona is going to capture your attention and will make you want to come back again. Click on the next link for great hotel deals in Verona, Italy.