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Top 8 attractions to see in Moscow

Top 8 attractions to see in Moscow

April 29, 2016

The unique atmosphere of Moscow is due the historical and contemporary mixture of architecture, culture and interesting attractions. As a tourist, you won’t have time to get bored. So many cultural activities you can get involved in, so many places for shopping, relaxing, taking amazing photos and admiring the most popular landmarks, like the Kremlin or the Red Square.

So first of all, go to visit the Kremlin, the most ancient part of the city and kremlinthe most important symbol of what Moscow was once. It is both a cultural attraction, but also the residence of the president of Russia. For tourists, there are many organized tours of this site, that shows you popular museums, like the Armory Chamber and Archaeology of the Moscow Kremlin and churches like Cathedral of the Archangel and Cathedral of the Assumption.

red squareThe Red Square, known as the heart and soul of the country, is one of the most famous piece of architecture in the world. You will spend a few hours here if you want to see the important sights: Saint Basil’s Cathedral, that is now a museum with beautiful masterpieces; Lenin Mausoleum, a squat but attractive pyramid in layers of red, grey and black granite that harmonizes remarkably well with the Kremlin buildings behind it; the GUM, which is the biggest and the most expensive shopping center in Moscow.

Then it is the Bolshoi Theater, that is the most famous in Moscow. If you have enough time, don’t miss an opera or a ballet spectacle. The Russian ballet is very appreciated around the world and it is a big symbol of the country. You will be fascinated with no doubt.

universityThe Lomonosov Moscow State University is another architectural attraction, impressing visitors from all around the world. The University is situated near the Olympic Stadium and the main tower, that is 240 meters tall, makes the building an imposing attraction you can’t miss.

The Moscow Metro is another symbol of the city, but metro stations are not so common. Stalin used to call them “palaces of the people”, and they are real palaces with majestic chandeliers and beautiful wall decorations. So a ride by the metro is a real journey that shows you different facts about Moscow.

Through the most attractive sights it is the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, whose story is very captivating. After the construction of the church lasted for 40 years, it was proposed to be demolished, to make way for a 400 meters tall palace with a huge Lenin statue on the top, but the project was never accomplished.

 metro                  christ the saviour

Sokolniki Park, for those who want some dynamic activities, is a huge perfect place to take long walks, go for jogging or swim in the pool.

Kuzminki Homestead, a beautiful homestead complex, is the proper place for those who love nature and want to experience something different. Beside the architecture, this site offers many entertaining activities, as boat tours on lake, flower festivals and ice sculptures during the winter.

So Moscow has everything, from great history, culture and spectacular architecture, to dynamic and funny activities in the nature. Book your hotel in Moscow on TripEconomy and enjoy your trip in one of the most grandiose European capitals.