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Ice and Snow Festival of Harbin, China: 5 Places Not to Miss

Ice and Snow Festival of Harbin, China: 5 Places Not to Miss

January 18, 2016

Harbin International Ice Snow Festival is a winter artwork festival held in Harbin, the capital city of Heilongjiang Province in China and it’s the city’s main highlight, attracting annually between 10 and 15 million visitors, both local people and tourists.

This year, the world’s biggest ice sculpture festival is at the 32th edition; it begins on January 5 and lasts until February 1st. The location, with an arctic climate, provides big quantities of snow and ice and allows the sculptures to resist as much as possible.

The uniqueness of the event is given by the size of sculptures and by the special light effects that highlight the beauty of these artworks. There are some places not to miss if you arrive there during the festival. But firstly, don’t forget to dress properly for low temperatures. So, the most interesting collections of ice works can be admired in the following places:

1. Zhaolin Park, with an amazing appearance, provides, in the east ice garden treesside, access to Huaguo Mountain, and in the west, there is Megui Mountain, also known as Rose Mountain. The park contains a few gardens, spectacular trees, a playground for children and a skating rink. During the winter, the park becomes a silver cloudland and during the festival, the perfect time to be there is after the night falls. The colourful lights, combined with special sounds and movements, make a fantastic show for the spectators. The fairytale atmosphere is completed by the ice sculptured monuments and buildings like Ice Pagoda and Dragon King, highlighted by modern technologies.
ice omniforms2. Ice Lantern Garden Party
is the world’s biggest ice lantern exhibition in the open air and it is considered an absolutely rare and wonderfully beautiful scenic spot. The local craftsmen use ice from a nearby river to create omniform ice artworks. There are also impressing collections of sculptures from many domains: gardening, painting, theatrics, music and sculpture. The ice lanterns exhibition is improved by lights and acoustic effects, attracting so many visitors from all over the world.

3. Harbin Ice and Snow World is also known for its frozen scenery, but here you can find many other interesting activities beside admiring the amazing sculptures. Firstly, you must know that you can find accommodation in ice hotels and you can eat in ice restaurants. Secondly, there are specific activities for this season, like skiing, skating, rock-climbing and sliding. So for a winter sports lover or for those who search for a little adrenaline, this is the perfect place!

4. Ice Sculptured Garden, located in Sun Island, is famous ice castlefor its International Snow Sculpture Art Expo and it is the largest indoor ice exhibition in the world. This place can be visited even in the hottest summers, the temperatures inside remaining the same.

5. Cloud-Water Gloriette is another attraction you must see during the festival. It is also located in Sun Island and has two storeys on the water. The views from here are breathtaking, with splendid lakes around.

This festival is a special experience for everyone who joins it. For a perfect travel, access TripEconomy and check right know available flights to Harbin. The festival lasts for another two weeks!