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Best summer vacations – the Amalfi Coast

Best summer vacations – the Amalfi Coast

August 8, 2016

As one of the most desired destinations for summer, the Amalfi Coast has so much to offer, from the amazing Amalfi Drive to all the beautiful and romantic locations found along the Italian oceanfront. Here is a list of “must-see” towns, cities and resorts.

1. Amalfi
amalfi tripAmalfi is one of the busiest towns during the summer, but if you don’t mind a little crowding, it is definitely worth a visit. The magnificent setting alone, at the mouth of a deep gorge, between the sea and the mountains, is reason enough to stop by for a day or two at least. An impressive attraction here is the Amalfi Cathedral (also known as Cattedrale di Sant’Andrea and Duomo di Amalfi), an impressive building of Arab-Norman Romanesque architectural style, with Byzantine, Gothic and Baroque elements that have been added during the numerous times it has been remodeled.

Amalfi is also the perfect base for excursions to Capri and the Grotta dello Smeraldo, a lovely underwater cave, to which you can get by boat or car for a very small amount of money (max. 20 euros). You can also check out the village annexes, two very romantic locations to visit.

2. Positano
positano trip
The peak season turns Positano into one of the most crowded places, but the beauty of it compensates for this inconvenience. Check out the town’s gift & specialty shops, the beautiful beaches (such as Spiaggia Grande, Spiaggia del Fornillo and Bagni d’Arienzo), the sacred & religious sites (like Chiesa di Santa Maria Assunta e Cripta Medievale), the excellent restaurants and the fascinating night clubs and try out kayaking or canoeing along the coast.

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3. Praiano
praiano trip
A more quiet location, better for relaxation and getting away from the turmoil specific to the other places we mentioned, Praiano is a beautiful village that works very well as a base for visiting the area and as an access point for the 11km Sentiero degli Dei (Path of the Gods), a challenging but amazing way that leads along the top of the Lattari mountains.

Some great things to see in Praiano are the religious sites (Parrocchia di San Geranno, Convento di Santa Maria a Castro, Parrocchia di San Luca Evangelista, Chiesa di San Giovanni Battista), the gift & specialty shops, the beautiful beaches (Marina di Praia, Spiaggia della Gavitella), the beautiful Grotte di Suppraiano and the dance clubs and discos, if you feel like it. You should also look into the boat tours, scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing, windsurfing and kitesurfing – if you’re feeling adventurous, Praiano has a lot to offer to you.

4. Minori
minori trip
The east of Amalfi is a little more picturesque and less “fashionable” than the west, but it’s still worth visiting for its many attractions and the beautiful scenery, like the rest of the Amalfi coast. If you are a fan of classical history, a great thing to see is Villa Romana, a first-century AD mansion with fresco fragments and a thermal baths complex; all of this is very well-preserved and visiting the ruins is free.
While you are in Minori, you can also check out Basilica di Santa Trofimena, the gift & specialty shops, the lemon garden on the mountain side (Limoneto I.G.P.), the boat tours, the spas and the nice and calm square of Minori (Piazza Centrale Minori).

5. Ravello
ravello trip
Ravello is located on higher grounds than the other towns mentioned, overlooking the Bay of Salerno, and it is relatively out of the way, managing to stay separated from the madness of the coast 350 metres below. The nights in Ravello are actually really quiet and perfect for relaxing and resting.

There are also several attractions here, such as Villa Cimbrone Gardens, Villa Rufolo, Le Ville de Ravello, Duomo di Ravello, Ravello Arte, Museo del Corallo, Cappella Sant’Angelo all’Ospedale, Galleria d’Arte Petit Prince. Try out one or more historical or cultural tours, boat tours, sightseeing tours, visit the Oscar Niemeyer Auditorium or the Ravello Concert Society for amazing performances, concerts and shows.

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