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An eccentric vacation – 7+ reasons to visit Monaco

An eccentric vacation – 7+ reasons to visit Monaco

July 1, 2016

Besides the amazing location of the country, in western Europe, on the French Riviera, with the Mediterranean Sea bordering it from one side and the perfect weather (it’s never too hot or too cold and the sea breeze is very soothing), there are so many reasons why one would want to visit Monaco, but we’ll stick to 7 main reasons that will definitely get your attention.

1. Shopping
We’re talking about luxury, movie-like shopping here, in some of the most expensive and exclusive locations in the world and in stores of Prada, Hermes, Yves Saint Laurent, Gucci, Valentino, Dior, Louis Vuitton and many others. Also, here are all the high end car dealerships you can think of. It sounds like quite an impressive thing when you realize that Monaco is also the world’s second smallest country and all the things mentioned are in an area of 2.02 square km.

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2. The food
Luxurious restaurant with amazing service, decor, food and harbor views, some of the best rated in the Michelin Guide, await you in Monaco. Of course, if you’re going for the Mediterranean-style gourmet cuisine or the fancy menus inspired by the French and Italian Rivieras, you have to be prepared to pay some good money. The fact is, eating here, in one of these pretentious locations is worth every penny (or cent in this case, as Monaco’s currency is the Euro), the culinary experience is one you don’t come across very often.

3. Luxurious hotels & spas
Most of the hotels in Monaco are exquisite. You can check-in in one of the best hotels you can wish for, with great service and professional staff, close to the beach or with an incredible ocean view, maybe with an Olympic-sized pool with diving boards if you want, with fascinating ambiance and decor.

Hydro-massage algae baths, sea-peels with salt from the Dead Sea, and therapeutic mud wraps followed by deep tissue massages… if these sound amazing to you, Monaco is the place to go. Thermes Marins is one of the most diverse and complex spas you can think of, with an impressive number of possible treatments that you can choose. If you’re looking for the perfect place to spoil yourself or completely relax, give Monaco a try.

4. Casinos & nightlife
monaco casino
Five amazing casinos, including the one of the world’s most famous (Casino de Monte-Carlo), can be visited in Monaco. If you’re not into gambling, they are worth a visit for the impressive decor alone and for the fascinating atmosphere. If you feel lucky, note that the Casino games usually start at 5 euros.

The vibrant nightlife is also impressive for such a small place. The main attraction here is the world-famous nightclub Jimmy’z, a place sometimes visited by celebrities too. The Buddha Bar is also another hotspot and a must if you want to fully take on the nightlife experience in Monaco.

5. Tourist attractionsmonaco fishy
Renovated in 2004, L’Opéra de Monte-Carlo, the 520-seat theater, has been the setting for impressive international operatic creations, exceptional ballets and prestigious concerts (Prince performed here).

The Oceanographic Museum and Aquarium is another amazing place to visit. The building alone, spectacular in its architecture and design, is reason enough to pass by. Check out the tanks full of colorful reef fish swimming around beautiful coral reefs created by the dedicated caretakers to get a glimpse of the world of the famous ocean explorer Jacques Costeau and head all the way to the top to enjoy the beautiful panoramas over the whole of Monaco.

6. The quiet Old Town
If the crowds and agitation of the rest of Monaco become a little too much at one point in tour trip, visit Monaco-Ville, or the Old City. This part of the country has a more laid-back vibe and quite a few attractions to visit. Stroll the charming narrow cobbled streets of Old City and find your way to the Prince’s Palace, the Saint Nicholas Cathedral and Prince Albert’s official residence (it is actually opened for tours). Stop by one of the cafes here and enjoy the calm atmosphere while trying the barbajuans, a Monegasque specialty.

7. 3 countries in 1
The center of Monaco is actually about 16 kilometers from Italy and 13 kilometers north-east of Nice, France. You can easily visit 3 countries in one day! Eat breakfast in Italy, lunch in Monaco and dinner in France… sound amazing, right? It is actually a remarkable thing to do and it is not difficult at all. Who doesn’t like a mini-trip? There are so many things to enjoy and enough time to do it all!monaco fin

Some other great things to take into consideration whenvisiting Monaco are the grocery stores: if you need to refill your supply stock you don’t have to worry, as the priceshere are actually decent and reasonable. You will also spot quite a few luxury cars here. Actually… more than a few. But there are also a few places where you can rent one of these and cruise the coast in a super-car. Keep in mind that the Grand Prix, probably the most famous car race in the world, takes place in Monaco every year in May. The Monaco Yacht Show is also a notable event.

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