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7 Reasons to Visit and Love Madrid

7 Reasons to Visit and Love Madrid

May 20, 2016

If you plan to visit Spain in the near future, it would be a great idea to choose Madrid. Not only because it is very cosmopolitan and sophisticated, but also because you will find here a large diversity of sites, activities and attractions that will leave you breathless. Madrid can be called in so many ways, like the the Capital of Art, the City of Palaces or the City of Churches. All of these due to its great variety of architecture, culture and challenging tours around the city.

So for a clearer image towards this wonderful destination, check the list below and find out the main reasons why you should visit Madrid and why you will love it.

palacio real1.Madrid is the city of palaces, so you have so many imposing palaces to see here. The most famous is the Palacio Real, where you can admire hundred of paintings, sculptures, chandeliers, clocks, and not at least, the Stradivarius Room. Another option is to visit Palacio de Linares, that is considered the most beautiful residence in Madrid. Then it is the Palacio de Liria, whose museum hosts great Spanish masterpieces, including original documents written by Columbus, all of them making Madrid the city of elegance.

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2.The gardens and parks of Madrid are another reason why you will parks in madridlove this city. El Retiro Park, with an artificial lake where you can rent a boat for a relaxing tour, is just one of them, and it is the biggest and most famous one. The nearby palaces and the statue of the Fallen Angel are just a few items that make this place unique and stunning.

3.The imposing architecture is represented by so many gorgeous buildings, the most popular being in the Plaza Mayor, that has a perfect symmetry. And there it is also the Plaza del Colon, that hosts a monument to Columbus for his discovery of America.

reina sofia museum4.Madrid is the capital of art and there are numerous sights that prove this. You shouldn’t miss to visit the Prado, the Reina Sofia Museum, with modern art and famous paintings of Picasso, and the Thyssen Museum, where you will find out more about the history of art from the 12th century to the modern age.

5.The fountains are another symbol of Madrid, with beautiful and sometimes fountains in madridunusual design. The most representative is the Fountain of Cibeles, followed by the Fountain of Apollo and the Fountain of Neptune. As a curiosity, football teams celebrate their victories by visiting these attractions.

6.Delicious food, for those who want to try as many tastes as possible, is an important strong-point of the city, and of the country actually. A great thing is that in Madrid is located the oldest restaurant in the world, El Botin, dating from 1795. Generally, the Spanish cuisine is dominated by delicious pastry, sweets and herbals and seasonings in every dish.

7.Great stores are located all around the city and you will love them. From custom stores with souvenirs and jewelry to the most sophisticated and expensive designer stores. The most quality products are shoes and leather products, Spanish being famous for this type of production.

So this is Madrid, a city for all tastes and for all the tourists. Considering that these reasons convinced you to choose this destinations for your next trip, all you have to do is to book your hotel in Madrid and enjoy this amazing experience!