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Great Destinations to Travel by Car

Great Destinations to Travel by Car

January 12, 2016

For a travel lover, it is obvious that he would be excited to enjoy amazing road trips in some of the best destinations in the world. You just pack a few things, take your car or rent one, bring some friends and start the best car travel of your life. Don’t forget to firstly make an itinerary, take a map and make some researches about the places you will pass through.

If you got all these but you don’t know what to visit, here are some ideas for a perfect road trip, and depending on your preferences, you will choose the best destination.

Adriatic Coast of Croatia, most visited in the summer, is famous for its pebbly beaches and clear waters, but also for its historic cities. Stunning panoramas surrounding the road, with adriatic coastbrilliant mountains arising from the sea make the coast an idyllic place to drive. And so you can visit Istria, a developed town that preserved very well Roman ruins like amphitheaters, but also Byzantine mosaics and Venetian bell towers. Then, the road takes you to medieval towns as Zadar and Sibenik. Here you can stop for a while and make a ferry tour to the nearby islands or you can make a visit to Diocletian’s Palace. Then it comes Dubrovnik, the Pearl of the Adriatic. Here you can visit the Old Town or you can just enjoy a promenade in the central side, and only now you can say that your journey is complete.

Norway’s Fjords are an unique place to make a trip by car. To view the most spectacular landscapes of Scandinavia, travel this 1039 km route from Lofoten Islands to the Arctic norway's fjordsOcean. Here you will be fascinated by the imposing mountains and by the deep fjords cleaving the land. Driving along, you will discover many colourful fishing villages and as you arrive to Alta, there is a titanium-clad cathedral that you must see and also Stone Age carvings incised into the cliffs. As you continue to travel, the panoramas become wild and bare, but this is a chance to see reindeer, and if they don’t appear, the thin forests and the waterfalls will captivate you anyway. Finally, you arrive to Nordkapp, where, looking over the Barents Sea, you will be closer to North-Pole than to Oslo.

US Highway 395 is California’s backbone, a travel route to be remembered. You can make a 4-5 days car trip by starting with Lake Tahoe, a skiing destination in winter and a place for lake tahoemany other activities in the rest of the year: mountain bike, mountain climbing or just relaxing promenades admiring the views. The lake is the main attraction of the area, being the largest alpine lake of North America. The next destination could be Mammoth Lakes, with a famous ski resort and best accommodation if you choose to spend the night here. Then you must arrive to Lone Pine, where you can’t miss to visit the Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest, the home of the oldest trees in the world. Some of them are about 5000 years old. And finally, you reach to Death Valley, the hottest place of the earth. Here you can visit Zabriskie Point to admire the interesting erosion-carved rocks.

Don’t forget to find the best accommodation in the cities that you will visit. You can check a complete list of hotels in your favorite destinations on TripEconomy.