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7 Wonderful Mountain Destinations in Europe

7 Wonderful Mountain Destinations in Europe

July 13, 2016

Nature gave us the mountains maybe as an inspirational source, a relaxing place to escape the urban bustle and as a perfect destination for adventure lovers, whose purpose is to climb higher and higher mountains and to reach the most imposing peaks. If you decided to try this kind of experience, here are some great ideas for you; a list with the most beautiful European mountain destinations and towns. In these places you will find so many challenging activities and things to do, but also stunning views and natural beauties, all of them making you fall in love with the mountain.

1.Bovec, Slovenia, is a beautiful town surrounded by Julian Alps and it bovecis one of the most favorite destinations in Slovenia. The uniqueness of the place is due to Soca River, also called the Emerald Beauty because of its vibrant turquoise water. The river is sprinkled with rocks and surrounded by high imposing mountains. Tourists who come here are attracted by water sports, especially kayaking and by the great opportunities to hike and paragliding in the canyons.

2.Lucerne, Switzerland, is another wonderful destination for mountain lovers, located in Swiss Alps. The medieval style of the buildings matches perfectly with the high snowy peaks from background, and if you search for a little adventure, go hiking on Mountain Pilatus. lucerneFrom up there, you can see the Reuss River flowing through the crystalline Lake Lucerne.

3.Olden, Norway, is an impressing small town which sits on one of the most popular and longest fjords in Norway. Olden is a real piece of heaven, since it is surrounded by glacial lakes, waterfalls and stunning mountains. You can also visit Jostedalsbreen Natural Park, located near the town, that has made this destination very popular for visitors.

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4.Hallstatt, Austria, is a very romantic tourist destination, located on the bank of Hallstatter Lake. The history of this places is very long and interesting, considering that the village has the oldest known salt mine and it has produced salt since the Late Neolithic Age. For the interested ones, there are available tours in the mine tower, where from the panorama is breath taking. Winter sports lovers come here to enjoy snowboarding and skiing, but also to join the entertaining activities provided here.

olden  Hallstatt  canazei

5.Canazei, Italy, is located in Tentino, on Fasa Valley, being popular ski destination, with about 25 miles slopes which attracts sport lovers from all over the world. The village is situated near Marmolada, the highest snowy peak in the Dolomites in northern Italy. Here you will be surprised by the local cuisine, with delicious dishes you don’t find anywhere else.

6.The Tatra Mountains, spreading in Poland and Slovakia, are the tatrahighest in the Carpathian Mountains and very popular for sports enthusiasts. The most popular slope is in Zakopane, known as the Winter Capital of Poland. For professional climbers, they can start the adventure on difficult trails like Orla Perc. In the summer, this destination is still appreciated for the hiking opportunities and for the enchanting views of the meadows, turquoise lakes and deep valleys.

7.Caminito del Rey, Spain, is with no doubt for the courageous ones. Considered the most dangerous hiking trail in the world, this place caminitoattracts many adventure lovers who want to test their limits. The view from above is dizzy and even if the trail is closed, hikers and climbers didn’t stop to come here over and over again.

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